Title Post

I’m one of those people that always wants to have the cool title to draw people in or to think, “now that’s cool, why couldn’t I think of that.” The funny thing is I actually came up with this title a few months ago and thought that it described my life right now really well. I”m digging deep into my soul to find out who I really am. Uncovering mysterious things that haven’t been seen since I was made and uncovering things that I never knew about myself. Thus, we have The Great Excavation, I’ll post random day-to-day adventures and pictures of what I’m up to for you to enjoy with me. I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and interesting so that you’ll have a reason to check back daily. Go ahead, get the RSS feed and tell your computer to let you know what I post something new. It’s kinda fun, it works for me. So, here I go, on a new adventure to uncover who I was made to be.

One thought on “Title Post

  1. I think “The Great Excavation” is an awesome title! It describes so much! Im proud that you are willing to go deep!

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