You never know…

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write, and then there are other times, like this one, that I have no idea. I just have this feeling inside of me that there is so much to say, but I’m just unable to put it all into words. Since I’m not working I have lots of free time, and since I’m such a night person, most of that free time comes late at night after my parents have gone to bed and I go downstairs to my room and read, get online or play games on my computer. This last week has been great, lots of family and friends and lots of laughs… I’ve missed laughing these last few months, but I’ve learned again, and it feels good. I think I’ve mastered Mexican Train, on my way to mastering Phase 10, if I could ever get someone to finish a game with me! I’ve drawn closer to family and friends. I must say, I’ve had a great time hanging out with Kori and Joe this last week and a half, their fun, encouraging, and just plain old good company. Plus, I feel like I’m getting to know Kori better which I think is great, since Joe is one of my closest friends I figure I need to know his girl pretty well. I’m excited that the holidays are over and now I can try to get back to somewhat of a normal like. Step one: find a good job. Step two: I’ll let you know when I get there… That’s the story of my life lately, but for now it is each and every day, one at a time. We’ll see what tomorrow brings! This weeks goal: workout 3 times. today=1 time. Joe and I played racquet ball and lifted weights. good times, thanks friend! Tomorrow, I think I’m going to try out “Hip-Hop Abs” sounds fun and I’ll learn some new moves! Signing off for now, more on the life of Natalie tomorrow!

One thought on “You never know…

  1. Hey friend, its been great spending time with you too! Kori and I enjoy your company and youre a blast to be with! You make great company and great laughs! Thanks for lifting weights with me and playing racquetball with me too! Hope we can spend more time together before the break ends! You can always come to NU too!

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