it seems to be coming together

I don’t know why it surprises me, but everything just seems to keep falling into place. I’ve now applied and been accepted. Paid my enrollment fee and health insurance for being over seas, I don’t even have health insurance here… And as of today, I have my student visa, so I can legally enter the country! Now I just need an airline ticket, and 3 grand to pay for the first 3 months, with a little over 4 weeks to come up with it! I know God will provide, I just need to keep reminding myself of that. For some reason I finally get that feeling that there is no turning back, kind of scary, but true. So that’s where I’m at. -Natalie 


That seemed to be the only way that I could title this post. My God is a god of miracles and I saw one happen right in front of my eyes today. Let me preface it by saying this… Yesterday was a bad day. It was a doubting Thomas day, where I was questioning my trip to Australia and trying to figure out if it is actually “do-able”. Yes, tears were involved, and yes, I had my moments of frustration with people making things harder than they needed to be. I went to bed feeling downright defeated. Saying “God, I can’t do this car wash tomorrow on my own, I need you, otherwise it won’t happen. I just don’t have the strength.” His response? “Of course you can’t! That is what I have been trying to tell you!” So here I am last night trying to fall asleep and making sure that I remembered everything that I needed for the day, kicking myself for once again being so foolish and thinking that I could do any of this on my own.  Then I woke up this morning and first thing was first, I gave the day to God. The day of the car wash. No phone to call people to make sure they were coming. Just me and my dad going in faith that others would show up. Obviously I have good friends and Aliah and Deanna showed up, half asleep, but they were there! I should have known it would be a great day from the first car. We got done washing a car of a friend of mine and I was handed a $100 bill. What? God are you for real? Yes, my child I’m here, even at a car wash. Ok, just checking… I’m still human, He’s still God. As the day wore on and cars never failed to fill the spaces to be washed, God kept showing up. Of course there were those hugh Suburbans that only gave us $5, but every little bit helps. Friends stopped by to offer their support for a little while here and there. They had a tough time leaving because so much help was always needed. We didn’t even have people holding signs! cars saw the ones we had posted and kept pulling in to get their filthy cars cleaned from the winter grime. By the end of the day, our backs were broken, the wind chill was starting to kick in, finally cars slowed down. We cleaned up, and made our way home to count God’s blessing. We quickly showered and got warmed up, and then my mom and dad, Deanna, Courtney and I sat around the table as we made our guesses to how much was in the canister. 300, 350, 600, 550, 400, but my God had other plans. At the end of the day God raised $823.18! It’s true, people were so generous and God was glorified. We sat at our dining room table with our jaws dropped, grabbed hands and thanked Him for His blessing. What a day, what a boost of faith. and on top of all this, the weather was absolutely amazing, it couldn’t have been any better. Thank you all for supporting me, I needed today and God knows how to take such great care of us in our inadequacies. That’s the cool thing about being connected to the source of life. That’s my miracle today!car-wash.jpgThanks for the photo Joe. Here I am in action! Washing away, I think I even got a little sun on the cheeks! 


This Saturday I’m having a car wash at D & J Market by Central market in Poulsbo. I’ll be there from 9am – 4pm. If you need your car washed stop on by, or if you have some spare time on Saturday I would love your help. This car wash is helping me go to Australia. Spread the word to your family and friends, we want to be busy all day! Thanks for your support, Natalie 

Eternal Life

αιώνια ζωή

aionas zoe, it means, Eternal Life, it’s greek. I know where I’m spending my eternity and I know who paid the price for it. I am reminded of this every day for the past two years as I look at my ankle. Thank you Jesus for never leaving me nor forsaking me.