a little louder please!

Do you ever catch yourself asking God that? A little louder please, God. I think it is kind of like telling him that there are so many other things going on around you that trump His voice that you can’t hear what he is saying. I’ve been learning a lot about listening to God, to people, to friends, and to family. I know that a lot of my life I’ve always felt like I was too busy to stop and have that conversation with someone. My life over the last few months has slowed down dramatically. All of it a part of God’s grand scheme. He amazes me so much. There are days that I can’t explain the awe that I have in Him and how he is working in my life. It’s those small things that He wants you to listen to. The “call this person to see how they are doing” or “remember to tell so-and-so Happy Birthday, it’ll mean a lot.” Those things that really won’t alter history or even a life at that moment. It’s the compounding effect that listening has. This last week I spent close to probably 20 hours with a good friend talking and catching up. Doing a lot of listening, but also getting that chance to talk. That’s what relationship is all about right? You talk and they listen, they talk and you listen. That’s how it should work with God too. Usually it is I talk, then I talk more, and usually a little more, then I don’t stop to listen to anything that he says back. I’ve been working on this though. I’ve been listening to the small things… “Your mom isn’t in produce, don’t even look over there, go the other direction” crazy huh? but doesn’t he say that he’ll give us the small things and if he can trust us with that then he’ll give us more? I was just reading about the master in the Bible that is going away and he gives three of his servant different amounts of money. One get $5000, another get $2000, and the last one gets $1000. The first two go invest the money and come back with double when the master returns and the third goes and buries it in the dirt so he doesn’t loose it. The master calls the first two, Good and faithful servants, come share with the master. The last one is called lazy and evil, and the master doesn’t want anything to do with him. He gives the money to the servant that has $10000. Now if God is going to direct me is a small situation like at the grocery store, I better listen, then I know what his voice sounds like and can listen to him when I’m trying to figure out who to share the gospel with next. Those are the life changing times that I want to be able to hear his voice and follow what he is saying. I bet you that first servant had somehow earned the trust of his master to even be given that $5000 in the first place, even if I do only have $1000, I want to make it count. So maybe it is time for us to tell everyone/everything else to quiet down instead of telling God to speak up.

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