one week

This is somewhat frightening… I am one week, seven days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, however you want to say it, from leaving for Australia for an adventure of a lifetime. I can’t believe how quickly the time has come for me to take off. There are so many emotions that I’m feeling all at one time. I’m sad, to be leaving behind family and friends. I’m excited, to see the world. I’m scared, to be all by myself. I’m trilled, to be doing what God had called me to do. I’m nervous, to be so far from the familiar. And so many other emotions that I don’t feel like I can accurately describe.  In the midst of all those feelings I feel this deep peace that I have never felt about such a huge decision. I’m sure it’ll be different, but I can imagine that when I fall in love, it’ll feel something like this… so peaceful, among other things! Hopefully, if nothing else, this post will give you a feel for how to pray from me as I get all packed up and ready to face the world!

2 thoughts on “one week

  1. bravo!
    everything will work out well!

  2. WOW! Big times ahead! I am so proud of you, to think that just a few months ago our conversations were all about not knowing anything about our futures,. What a reminder of His promise about those plans to prosper us 🙂

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