soooo… ummmm

I leave today. I don’t understand where all the time went, it seems like just yesterday that I had a month before I left! God has brought me through a lot in these last weeks. My faith is like it has never been before. God has totally blessed this trip and it is all in his hands. He has it taken care of! I’m so excited, I think I’ll feel it more when I get on the airplane and take off. This is so crazy! I still can’t believe that everything has worked out and God has worked out every single little detail. He has been amazing, I can’t praise him enough for all that he has done. Welp folks, here I go! I’m off to see the world! Peace out! Natalie 

3 thoughts on “soooo… ummmm

  1. Im praying for you, friend.
    Be strong and courageous!

  2. Wahoo! Way better than Deal or No Deal!! Blessings my sweet brave friend!

  3. loving you, Babe!

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