I’m here, I’m safe

Hey all,

I’m here safely, but I don’t have the internet hooked up yet at the base. I’m at an internet cafe in Perth and all is good. Thanks for your prayers, more when I have a chance to get on again.


5 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m safe

  1. Well, well well! You are so missed, let me tell you. Today i was talking to Aliah and I had this question about how to run sound for our dessert theater, and I almost called you! I am glad you are out in the big ocean, just know that the puget sound misses one of their finest girls!

  2. We love you Natalie! Sorry about the long flight. We are so excited about what God is doing in your life! Love from North Idaho!


  3. glad you made it safely!!

    were praying for you!!

    -Joe and Kori!!!!

  4. I was getting nervous ~ the first few calls I got from your Mom, she said you had been crying ~ I had to tell her that it would only get better (the unknowns probably were pretty scary, huh?) I was so relieved to hear from Dad Greg that you are now having fun! I think of you often and pray daily for God to be with you! Love you ~ Jeanene

  5. SO VERY HAPPY to “hear” all the news! This is going to be such an awesome experience for you. Your mom said that things seemed even more expensive than you thought they would be. You might want to list some items we could include in a “care package.”

    Olivia told me the other night at Missionettes they’re praying for you every night!

    Love you — and miss you — so very much!

    Aunt Karen

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