Week one, check!

Chillin\' in the auditorium updating you!Well it is Friday afternoon and I have finally finished one week here. It was about 7 days and 2 hours ago that I arrived in Perth and God has been nothing short of amazing. My hair has gone a bit wacky as you can see, it really enjoys flipping out. The base is actually in the midst of a small quarter. So one base right now we have about 200 people. There are lots of staff around that are working on other ministries and/or getting ready for the school that begins in July when we leave. We’re headed for J-city, Indo for at least part of the time, but we might go to some other countries too. We’ll see what God has planned! 

I’ve been doing some reading in my personal time in the book of Judges, what a bunch of cool stories. Once again God pointed out Gideon to me. The man that came from the smallest tribe, smallest clan, smallest family, and he was the least in his family. Despite all that the world would love to tell him that he couldn’t do it, God had other plans. It is great to be reminded that God has it all in his hands and he knows what he is doing. All the while Gideon was looking for signs from God to confirm what he felt he was telling him. It’s ok to ask the hard questions of God, he just likes us to be in communication with him. We’ve had a week of lectures and it has been intense. The nature and character of God. It was so cool today. We were talking about his character and every time after we got done with another character attribute of God, we would pause and go into a time of prayer. We’re meeting with the other DTS and the School of Worship so it is a bigger class. It was amazing to sit and reflect on God’s character. His Love, Mercy, Righteousness, Holiness, Wisdom, Faithfulness, and Truthfulness. To take 15 minutes or so to stop and think about each of those characteristics in God. It was a great time to think, to talk to him, and to just process through some of what we were just taught. I must admit, this is all stuff that I have learned before, but some of the ways it was brought to my attention really made me think. God is revealing things to me that I know with my head, but I’m now understanding in my heart. 

All of my classes are Bible classes that teach on different subjects. The media comes into play when we have and afternoon media workshop twice a week and we’ll go over some different things and have some different projects included with that, I’ll make sure I share them with you.

Well, dinner is in about an hour and I should work on my journal for school and try to be a bit more social, rather than sitting behind my computer. If anyone wants to send me anything, you can mail it to 

Natalie Shaw

PO Box 8501

Perth Business Centre

Western Australia 6849

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have and I’ll try to answer them on here so that everybody knows, or I can email you too. There just seems to be so many people to keep updated that it’s tough to write individual ones to everybody. Thanks for all of your prayers, don’t stop now! God is working in my life and I’m so excited for who I’ll be on the other end of this whole adventure.

Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Week one, check!

  1. Yesss. That new look with your hair is right on! Sounds like you are well, God’s got you where He wants you. When you go to Indonesia, try some Durian. It’s a fruit, a scary fruit. : )

  2. I like the hair, sister!

    you are doing it! Keep it up! I want to hear more about the bible classes and what you are learning and some of the media aspects as well!

  3. I like the flip thing your hair is doing!!!!

    I miss you! You are definitely where God wants you and that is so exciting to me! It’s very encouraging and it continues to move me to pray for you! Have an awesome week. I look forward to reading more.

    Love, Theresa♥

  4. Your last comment about seeing who you will be at the end of this adventure made me cry. I look forward to the excitement that will be bubbling out all over you!!! Love you bunches.

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