This weekend

What a great weekend! On Saturday we went to the Swan River and hung out by a sand bar and went out on it. We trudged through some knee deep water for about a quarter of a mile each way, but it was beautiful. You can check out the pictures on my flickr account. After I got back I did some laundry and talked to mom and dad for quite a while on Skype. It was good to see their faces! That evening we watched a movie on the big screen in the auditorium, we watched “The Queen” it was a good relaxing time. It is always interesting to get to know people and how they work in different environments. I sat between Elli and Sarah and they are both staffing different DTS’s, both are a lot of fun and I think I’ll spend a lot of time with both of them. Sarah keeps giving me her tea mint Green tea, so I think I’ll have to buy her some.


Sunday morning I got up and went to Riverview again, I really like that church a lot. It’s big, it’s hip, and it seems really grounded in Christ. After church I was able to talk to mom, dad, Joe and Kori on Skype and also Richie and Katie. Skype is a cool thing, it’s great to have the video to actually see everyone that I’m talking to. After Lunch Heather, Sarah-Jane and I headed to Cottesloe beach and swam in the Indian Ocean, it wasn’t that warm, but not too bad at all. The weather here is still really nice, so we’re trying to soak it all in. We even had class outside for a while today since it was so nice.  After we got home from the beach we had dinner. I can’t remember what it was, but it has all been good food. Then most of us went back to 228 and just hung out and chatted for the evening. I got to hear Amanda’s story and that was pretty intense. It is a god thing that she is here. I’m excited for what God is going to do in her life here in Perth.


This morning, Monday, I got up at 5:45 and headed out to our morning exercises. We had options… Run, walk or play soccer. I chose soccer, we had a good time and my team won. It felt good to start the day off with exercise and to wake up  and get the day off on the right foot. This week in class we’re talking about hearing the voice of God and Intercession. It is exciting to learn/be reminded about how God wants to talk to us about the everyday things. He isn’t just interested in helping us make decisions, but he wants to tell us what he thinks of us and how he feels about us too. I’ve been pulling a lot of these practical type of things out of our lectures. This week it is just my DTS in the lecture and Jess, our leader is doing the speaking. It is nice having a small intimate group. I know that God is going to pull us together to be a tight team. Well, I think that is it for now. I have lectures again this evening after dinner, but in the mean time I have a couple of hours of free time. Thanks for your prayers. God is so good and I love him a lot.


Jenna(ADTS), Amanda (SOW), and ME!

Jenna, Amanda and Natalie! Jenna is in the April DTS and this Amanda is doing the School of Worship. We have fun together….


2 thoughts on “This weekend

  1. Yes for fun new friends, and for your team winning! Wahoo!

  2. cockroaches? you haven’t told me that!

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