Good stuff

God is amazing! Last night we had our lectures again on hearing the voice of God and I was able to go sit by myself for 45 minutes and just ask God what he thought of me. This isn’t really something that I have ever done before, usually it is asking about a decision or a choice that I need to make when I’m waiting to listen to God’s voice. Last night we were asked to present God with the question “What do you think of me?” So I asked. I waited, I rebuked Satan so that nothing that wasn’t from God filled my mind. I waited some more and just when I thought that my mind was wondering I was directed to a mirror and 1 Cor. 13. In verse 12 it says: “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

That really just confirmed for me a lot. While I’m in a place that I don’t really know anyone, although I’m beginning to, God fully and completely knows me, better than myself. One day I’ll see him just as clearly as he see me, the mirror won’t be a poor reflection, but it’ll be Him in all of His Glory right in front of me. Soo exciting! Then as I began to sit and wait longer on what he thinks about me the word Geronimo! First I thought that it was crazy, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I was reminded of this adventure that I’m on and that I need to just jump with no reserve and let God do what he wants to do, and have fun while I’m doing it. On the flip side Geronimo is a real person who was a warrior and I felt as though he was calling me to be a warrior right now. We’ll see what battles that I fight, but I do know that I need to be ready since he has called me to this place for this time. So, last night was a lot of good learning and time with God, good stuff!

This morning I played soccer again at 6am and of course I couldn’t make it too long without getting hurt. I didn’t do it to myself at least! Sean is in the April DTS and he is always going hard and fast without much control, he ended up kneeing me really hard on the outside of my right knee. It is swollen and bruised… I’ll make it though! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get him! Just kidding, he didn’t mean to, but hopefully I’ll be able to run on it tomorrow. I’m getting ready to go do my work duty of cleaning up the kitchen, then we have a photography workshop and small groups this evening. I’ll have to tell you tomorrow what both of those look like. It sounds like it should all be fun though! Please keep praying that the remainder of my finances will come in shortly. Blessings upon you!


3 thoughts on “Good stuff

  1. missing you Baby!! Made me cry to hear the above notes. Awesome!!!

  2. Wow Natalie this is prowerful Thanks for sharing and letting us into your heart and giving him control of all that you do and you are a great warrior for God. Great Stuff!!!

  3. Natalie, Press in close and let God have His way ~ it is so awesome to hear what is happeing day-by-day. You go girl!!!!

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