It has been amazing listening to God’s voice each day and having an open ear to him and what he wants to do in my life. During my quiet time this morning I was reading in Psalms. 42:1 really spoke to me. It’s a verse that I hear all the time in different ways. “As a deep pants for water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” My eyes were opened to how thirsty I have been for him. I know what it feels like to be out of breath and thirsty, panting just for some water. To be in a place where I’m so thirsty for God and wanting more of him each day in a new way that I’ve never experienced before. Every time i meet with him he is showing me new things and I’m hearing him say great stuff to me. I come thirsty, but I also leave thirsty, I can’t quench this thirst, nor do I want to. It’s the living water that I’m searching for and striving to receive. He has been so good to me. There are so many people around that are becoming homesick and wanting nothing more than to just go home, I do miss home, my family and friends, but I have such a peace in my spirit that I’m where God wants me for this time. I’m resting in him, it is a sweet place to be.

This morning we have had a rain storm with downpours, and really loud thunder. It is actually really neat, just as long as it doesn’t stick around for too long. The rain brings such a refreshing smell to the whole place. That is something that I think we forget about when we are at home with rain all of the time. The purity that comes with the rain as it washes away all of the imperfect things. I’ve been having lots of fun too. I went for a walk last night with Amanda, Becca, and Jenna. We went to Mt. Lawley, it is just a small town that is about a 10-15 minute walk from base. It has lots of cute shops and coffee shops everywhere. It was good to get away from base for the evening. That was our free night. Tuesdays are pretty busy, we basically start at 6am with morning exercises and are going strong until about 8:30 in the evening. Long day! This morning we got to sleep in because of the thunder, it was amazing. Except for the fact that when I was resetting my alarm, I changed my clock and thought that it was 7:56 when I woke up (I’m supposed to be at morning chores at 8am) I jumped out of bed, so confused as to why everyone was still sleeping, then I looked at my watch and saw that it was actually 6:56, fewf! Perfect timing, thanks for waking me up God. It has been really good getting to know the hearts of other girls in my DTS and learning about who they are. I think that we’ll have a fun time, but also challenging working out the different personalities. If you could be praying for me specifically, I’ve been kinda dizzy the last couple of days and I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating at each meal, I’m not sure what is going on, but it kind of comes and goes at different times. Also, for my mom that she would be able to gets lots of sleep while she is working lots of long hours right now. Well that is it for now, except! I have evangelism tonight, so if you think of me pray for guidance, boldness, and urging to step out of my comfort zone. I really want God to use me to be a part of changing Perth while I’m here for these three months. All my love!


4 thoughts on “Thirsty

  1. Hey Natalie! I am so encouraged reading the notes of your journey! I am so glad that you are not homesick – it’s a little to far away for that. =) Your days sound like mine – never-ending! Hugs to you & love

  2. PS – your pictures are beautiful! The sky is very blue like it is here – it makes outside shots so much more defined. Keep it up!

  3. Hey,
    I have never thought of you as a dizzy blonde ~ what’s up? Ha! We have home group tonight and we will pray for you.

  4. love you, Baby!!! talk to you tomorrow night

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