Friends & Evangelism

This is my new friend Sarah, she’s staffing the other DTS. She is amazing and takes care of me, I don’t know what it is,but she is really easy for me to talk to and open up to. I’m sure that there will be more pictures of her and I to come…

Today we had an amazing time of worship and intercession. We just worshiped for a long time and then took time to listen to God and see what he wanted to say to us. We ended up going around and praying over each person. One of the words that was spoken to me was strong and wise, wise in his strength and any wisdom comes from him. Isn’t that amazing? It was really encouraging to hear what the team thought of me and what God thought of me. Well, I need to work on my journal, so I’m sorry that this is short. if anyone has skype I’ll be online Friday night around 6pm, feel free to hop on and add me so we can do a bit of video chat or just audio if that’s all that you have.

Oh, I meant to tell you about evangelism last night. It was cool, I didn’t do a whole lot, I just went with a staff member, Heidi, and we were in the night club area of Perth. She got a picture of a girl in a yellow shirt and brown hair. bout the 4 person we saw was her. It was insane. So Heidi went and told her that God knew all about her because she thought that was what the Lord was telling her. The girl was a bit freaked out, but wasn’t mean or anything. We also talked to a couple of other people and God spoke through Heidi quite a bit. Anyways, I’m sure that I’ll have lots more stories to share about what God is going to do in the Northbridge area, you can keep me in your prayers Thursday mornings, your time, while I’m out there. Thanks for your prayers!

Love you all,

I took some other pictures that I thought you might want to see.

It tastes like a nectarine, but it sure doesn’t look like one!

Petrina and Sarah-Jane (School of Worship)

just goofing off!

One thought on “Friends & Evangelism

  1. Hi Natalie ~ Your experiences sound amazing! I know you will grow a lot by being away from all of us as you are on your own with God and the new friends He is supplying you. It will help you focus on the spirtual aspects of your life.

    Have a great time! Love, Uncle Merle

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