Stop the Traffik

What a night… For some unknown reason I was invited to go with 4 staff girls, that I hardly knew, to go to a documentary type of film about human trafficking in Australia. I was sitting eating dinner, minding my own business, and Ellen (New Zealand) came up to me and invited me to go to this movie put on by The Salvation Army. I’ve talked with Ellen a few times and I work with her in the mornings right now for my morning chores, but we aren’t buddy-buddy or anything, so I’m still confused as to why I was invited. So, I of course said yes, I’ll go. So we quickly walked down to Northbridge and got there just in time for it to begin.


I don’t even know where to start with how this worked me over, I’m still processing it all. The story was about 3 prostitute women that were sold into it. It wall happened by chance that this woman, Ashley, met the mother of one of the girls. She was looking for her daughter and kept bugging Ashley until she would finally help her. The mother being from China didn’t speak  very good English so she needed her help. Finally she got a phone call from some flyers that she handed out and it was one of the girls saying that the daughter was in the hospital because of an overdose of some sort of drug, I’m pretty sure she was attempting suicide. This is what finally got Ashley to help. The rest of the story is bouncing back and fourth with real time and the testimony of one of the other girls that was being held because she didn’t have the proper papers to be in the country. We saw how these girls were treated, beating, locked up and basically being no better than animals. Later we find out that Rubi, the daughter, doesn’t want to go back with her mom because it is her mom that sold her in the first place to pay off a debt that she owed. Some children are sold for as little as $40. Insane! How could a parent do that, and how could someone take advantage of those people in that way. Anyways, Rubi doesn’t want to go with her mom so she ends up committing suicide after Ashley saves her from her pimps. Chrystal, one of the other girls that was rescued at the same time finds her friend on the sidewalk outside of the hotel that they are hiding in. Thus, bringing the police into the picture and Chrystal being taken into custody, and eventually sent into detention. Finally the last girl is rescued and ends up leaving to start her life again, without anything. I’m not hardly doing justice to this film.


Human trafficking is the 3rd largest illegal income after drug and arms trades. Who would have thought, and it is hardly even known about. This organization is bring awareness to this awful crime. 80% are women and 50% are children that are trafficked, a child is sold about every 30 seconds. This is a very real issue in our world and people need to know about it. I guess this is my contribution, for now. You can learn more at who knows, maybe God will speak to you as to how you can be apart.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Traffik

  1. Serious, human trafficking is so crazy! NU does a ton to stop. we take an offerings every friday to go towards stopping it!

  2. got Courtney her cd w/pics!!!

  3. Natalie!
    I just read through your blog! I didn`t realize you had left already! I`m so excited for you & I love you a lot.
    I hope you`re doing well, and it really sounds like you are!!!!

    WAY TO GO!

    Love you!

  4. Wow, it seems like the Lord is really pouring into you. So good to hear about you and your classes and having friends there. I never go on the computer but I’ve remembered to pray for you every day. I miss you and love you. Take care.

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