quick post

Sorry I haven’t written anything for a couple of days, I’ve been busy… Let’s see, what has been going on. Sunday I went to Riverview once again and had a good time. It is a great church http://www.riverviewchurch.com.au you should check it out. Then I ended up that evening getting a bunch of people together and we went to the beach at night. It was really pretty and peaceful. The trip there was a little adventuresome. We were transferring trains in the city to go on to the beach and Samuel (Brazil) and I got left when a guy stopped right in front of the doors as they were closing while everyone else got on the train, so we had to wait at the train station for another 30 minutes until the next one came. They don’t run very often at night, especially Sunday night. So we hung out and I got to know him a little bit. He has only been speaking English for about a week, so it was a little challenging! We had a good time at the beach and took some fun pictures. You can check them out at flickr.com/natalat

Anyways… we started the week on Repentance and forgiveness, it is pretty intense and I haven’t quite processed it enough to write anything down that would make much sense outside of my mind. God is really good though and I’m enjoying being here, I can’t believe that next Friday is the 2nd, that’ll be a month from when I left. There isn’t much more to say, except that I have a blister from chopping so many vegetables in the kitchen. Any who, here is a picture of Amanda and I, we were having a good time taking pictures this afternoon.

It’s a background that my photobooth program puts in, quite fun!

One thought on “quick post

  1. I just need to tell you, your hair looks amazing in every photo! Praying for you and your friends,

    Love, Deanna

    P.S. remember when I would text, and I would try to type “you” but it would come out as “wou”, I totally sent a ‘how are wou?’ to someone and I thought to myself how you’d appreciate that. HA!

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