Skype, it could be from heaven

I got a cell phone here, I think that it was the plan all along, but I was able to find a good one that I could talk to home with easily. That is where skype comes in… I got a skype mobile phone. I am able to talk to anyone on skype for free from my phone. So, now it basically looks like I’m always online and my calls get directed straight to my phone. So, if you don’t have skype, you should get it and add me as a contact and then we can talk and I don’t have to spend money on phone cards all of the time. natalat30 is my skype name, yay! I can talk to friends now, all you need is a microphone on your computer and speakers too. That was some good news that I wanted to share with you. 

In other news, this morning, I was getting ready to go to my morning chores and had about 15 minutes to kill, and Sarah-Jane came up and asked my if I cut hair. I told I didn’t, but she asked if I would cut hers, so I did. I guess paying attention all of those years while getting my hair cut paid off. I only trimmed the back so that she didn’t have a mullet, but it was still a hair cut and one of the many random things that happen when living in a community/family of 200 people. It’s pretty cool, I’m still enjoying myself quite a bit. She even got compliments on her hair cut!

This week we’re talking about Relationships in our lectures. Much less intense than last week, but equally as challenging. The four things that need to exist in any relationship: Love, Respect/Honor, trust and understanding. We’re talking about all of these areas this week and I’m sure that there will be more that comes out of it. We all long to be understood, but sometimes we aren’t willing to take the risks that are needed to be in a place where we let someone get close enough to understand us. This is something that stood out to me today durning our lecture, I’ll share more as I have time. I’ve been busy opening packages from mom and dad, I really enjoy packages, they are fun to open and look at. Thanks mom and dad! Love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Skype, it could be from heaven

  1. relationships are always good to talk about!
    Im going to leave skype running for ever now! YESS! Expect a call from me when finals are done!

  2. Hey babe we love you and love you blog, boxes are fun and I am glad you now have a phone. love ya Dad. Relationships are the key to life.

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