ice cream

We went and got ice cream the other night and it was sooooo good, this in Northbridge, it’s a night place, some pretty sketch things going on here, but this is where I’ll be doing my evangelism tonight.

Hearing about relationships this week has really been making me miss home, but it has been great having my phone so that I’m able to talk to mom and dad more frequently and I don’t have to wait for a pay phone or anything like that. It great to call and just chat for a few minutes and not worry about the cost and all of that. Something that really stuck out to me yesterday in my lectures is that you have to separate the the behavior of the person from the person. That’s how we hate the sin but love the sinner, this is one thing that has always been hard for me to grasp, but when I look at separating the behavior from the person, I can see how to just hate their sin and not them. There is some good stuff that I’m learning.

One thought on “ice cream

  1. Good one babe We have to love the people I don’t think I have done enough of that over the years but God is making sure I have the time Now. I love you keep up the great work and keep learning. Love Dad

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