Finger of God

Last night I had the opportunity to go with some other students and staff to see a documentary called “The Finger of God”. It was an amazing journey of a man that was setting out to see how and where God was working and moving. It was amazing to see how the Holy Spirit is working around the world. There were teeth turning to gold, gold dust on Bibles and people, manna from heaven, jewels falling, the deaf hearing, and the blind seeing. There were so many different things that God is doing around the world through ordinary people. Healing is possible, raising the dead is possible. If we just release the Holy Spirit in our lives and the permission to work in and through us. I think that it is amazing the if God so chooses I can set some people free from bondage’s that they have lived with for their entire life, with the help of God. It was a challenge to me to step out in faith and walk in the freedom that i have in Christ and see how he wants to use me around the world. This doesn’t have to be some freaky thing, it can be everyday life! Isn’t that exciting. Last night as I was praying in response to the movie, and I asked God to heal my sinuses completely. As soon as I said it, another girl that came with us that I don’t know very well came up to me and said that God wanted me to know that “it is true.” I Couldn’t believe that as soon as I asked for healing someone would come and confirm it so quickly. It isn’t something that I can tell right away if it is healed or not, but I believe in my heart that i’ll never have the same problems that I have had in the past. Thank you Jesus for your healing power! I know that God is going to continue to birth new things in me and we’ll see what it all looks like. I’ll keep you posted and I embark on yet another new adventure!



One thought on “Finger of God

  1. Dear Sweet Natalie – we will believe with you that God will finish the work He has promised to you! PRAISE THE LORD He continues to work in our lives!

    We love you and are so excited to read your reports!

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