God is so good with everything that he has been teaching me this last week. We are learning about media evangelism, well, not really. We have an amazing speaker who listens to the voice of the Lord and has been taking us in a totally different direction. He, Richard, has totally felt like we’re something different and very mature as a DTS, so he has been walking us through what it looks like to follow after the calling that the Lord has placed in your life. It is all about serving. Being a servant with wherever and whatever God is talking to you about. It has been a process learning what it means to love Jesus with my whole heart. I have been so blessed to be able to lay down my rights and give God all of my giftings to do with what he wants. When we hold onto things on our hands, we aren’t able to do anything else, our hands are full. We can’t even embrace God if we’re holding onto something so tightly that we won’t give it up. So, I’ve decided to give up everything that I feel like I have the right to hold onto as my own and embrace my Savior. My family, he knows what it is to seperated from his father and now I can share in a little bit of his suffering by being away from my family. In that, I can become more intimate with him and learn more about what he went through for me and in turn become even more aware of things that I can’t even begin to feel like I’m obligated to hold on to. Now, I have some amazing leaders that are speaking into my life here and one thing that Jess said today is that it isn’t that I have to give it up, but it is a choice. I could go home and live a “normal” life and He wouldn’t be hurt by that, but i don’t think that I can go back to ordinary living, not after just tasting this life of living 100% for him. This is where I’m at and this is what I am going through at this moment, I’m sure it’ll all change soon, but i just wanted to share that tid-bit with you.

In other news… I found a Dr. Pepper, it was the first one since I left. It cost $3! crazy, I guess it’ll only be a special treat every once in a while. At least I know where to find it now!

Thanks for all of your prayers,

4 thoughts on “rights

  1. Good Word! Glad to hear that His work continues in you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!!! yes, how often I have said something similar to our arms being too full for God to be able to fill them up with what He wants to fill them up with. I release you to follow Him no matter what it looks like. I admit I won’t always like what it looks like, but I’ll always get over it. You know!!! My heart is in Idaho, Utah and Australia, not to mention right here in Poulsbo!!! And I too must always place the Lord before my children, which is a hard thing to always do as a mom. Love you, Babe hugs and kisses, Mom

  3. That`s awesome, Natalie!
    I am so glad that you are finding 100% fulfillment in him!

  4. Hoot Hoot Natalie! Way to go! Go big lil’ sis…all out for Him! Love Ya and proud of you!


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