take two

This week as we continue to look at Lordship and how we can make Jesus Lord of our lives. we were challenged today with things that we may need to lay down in order to give complete Lordship over to God. Here are some areas that we talked about laying down our rights to:

free time
my life

Those are the ones that we covered and what it looks like to lay those things at the foot of the cross telling God that he can take any of those things at any time he so chooses. I know that Jesus dies for me, but I think that sometimes we forget how much pain and suffering he went through before his actual death. While knowing this we still think that we have the right to get angry with God or last out at him with what is going on in our lives. I know that I’ve come to a deeper sense of gratefulness for all that he has done for me, and I want to honor him with everything that I am by giving him back everything that I once thought was mine.

I just wanted to share with you about what I am learning this week and we’ll see how the week concludes tomorrow as we apply everything that we have learned. Without application the knowledge we gain doesn’t cause any transformation. I want to be transformed daily, so daily I will apply what he is teaching me.

2 thoughts on “take two

  1. Thanks Natalie for the great reminder, “Without application the knowledge we gain doesn’t cause any transformation.” It is so true and we all need this reminder from time-to-time. It’s way too easy to be encouraged and study, and then go about our lives as usual. No wonder we gripe at God when things go wrong.

    Love you and am so excited at what God is doing with you and through you as you really come to submit all that you have to Him.

  2. Good Word Kiddo love you Dad

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