The things I miss…

There are a few things about home that I’m missing. The first few I believe are pretty obvious…

My Animals
Chips and Salsa – Mexican food in general, I didn’t realize how much we had until I went somewhere that a burrito costs $20!
Dr. Pepper – $3 a can here, if you can find it
Going to the movies with big groups of friends
Options in shoes and clothing – the same shirts are getting pretty boring
not waking up to an alarm clock
my iPhone, I know, sad…
things that are cheap, candy/sweets
Popcorn, oh man!
my dad’s good breakfasts
Starbucks – you don’t know how great something is until you don’t have it…
my sonicare toothbrush
grilled cheese sandwiches – or making anything in the kitchen at anytime
waking up in the morning and being able to just lay in bed and look at the pictures in my room.
my bed
mexican train (it’s a game)

Well that is my list for now. I know, pretty silly, but I’m just being honest. I’m having such a  great time here, there are things that I just didn’t realize before I left that I would be missing.  

Also, I managed to bruise my forehead… The other night I was laying on my bed, my bunk bed, and for some reason Jenna was on the top bunk, she doesn’t sleep there, nobody does. So I felt like pushing on her from below through the slats. One thing I forgot is that I keep my alarm clock above my head in between the same slats on the top bunk. As I pushed on the mattress a couple of times, the alarm clock nailed me right in the middle of my forehead in between my eyebrows. I didn’t even see it coming, the corner hit me pretty hard. You can’t see a bruise, it just hurts to touch. I guess this just confirms that I am accident prone, still…

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “The things I miss…

  1. At first I thought you were going to say that the top bunk fell on you! Good thing it was your alarm clock – I’m still very accident prone. Thanks gene pool! =)

  2. why not make your own mexican food?
    Chips and salsa MMMmmmmMm!

  3. Things I miss:

    1. dancing with You!
    2. Coffees with you
    3. Deal or no Deal with you
    4. Mexican Train with you! FER SURE!
    5. Mini-Road trips to Silverdale with you!

    Okay, Okay. I’ll stop. The list is too long anyway. I want you to know we can’t to see your face, but it is so obvious and wonderful that the Lord has these great plans for you right now. Do you know the Cupid Shuffle? It’s a dance/song I think you might like! I wonder if any Aussies know the cha cha slide? Weird though. Love you!!!

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