week numero uno

Here I am, a week after arriving and the whole no personal space, no time alone thing is coming up! Living in a small apartment with 3 rooms, one bathroom and 19 people isn’t the most fun thing I have ever done. This week there is another team leaving that lives next door, so then we can spread out.

It has been a good week. Lost of reading the Book, we started at the beginning and we’ll end at Rev… We got through to Jeremiah in two days. We read for 2 hours outloud in groups and then have six hours off while other teams read. I think that we’re trying to finish it tomorrow. The 2am – 4am shift was a little tough. Three days through the entire thing is pretty good I would say.

We also finished our lectures. We did it all on video all about the battle that we’re in and what it means to fight against it. 12 hours of teaching in 3 days was quite wearing on everyone, but at least we have a/c. Today we had another person join our group for 2 months, her name is Kimberly and she is from Holland. SHould be fun!

We start with our conference this week and we had a meeting today to help prep us for it. We got to see all of our friends that we haven’t seen for a week, it feels like it has been so much longer. It is weird to think that it was only a week, but after this, it’ll be harder to see everyone. I got a big hug from Sarah who is leading the group in the South, she’s fun, I’m sure we’ll hang out on a free day. We will see all the groups at the conference this week, it’ll be a lot of fun. We’re all working with media at the conference (surprise, surprise!). They are expecting about 3500 people.

I’ve also been hit with a little bit of a bug in the tummy, so I haven’t been feeling very well. Please be talking to the big guy if you think about it. This place is also pretty heavy and it’s a constant battle in the other realm, but He is good and I think that I might be able to eat this evening!

I have some more pictures come, as soon as the internet is fast enough to upload them, I’ll get on it!

Talk to you soon,

p.s. get skype! 

life abroad

Things sure are different here. This is my first time in an eastern/asian culture. It is different to stick out and go to places where I’m totally out of the ordinary. I actually am really enjoying it all. Last night we went to a couple of “malls” or shopping areas where there was a small aisle and clothing and goods hanging everywhere. It was crazy! People were talking to us and practicing their english, smiling and laughing at us. As we were walking I would see one person nudge another and look at us. It was quite the experience. 

We’ve been finishing up our lectures this week since we came a week early, and we are watching some DVD’s as planned. it is all about what is going on in the realms around us and how to battle. Hopefully you get my gist as to what I’m saying. Anyways, we watched 4 hours of that yesterday and we’ll watch some more this evening and tomorrow as well. We should finish up tomorrow. 

Everything is great here and the big guy is moving in the region that we’ll be working in, so that is encouraging. If anyone has any desire to send me mail at all, you can ask my parents for the address. I’ll write more as things happen.

Thanks for your support,

first few days

Well, things are going great. I know that my last post was quick, but I finally have the internet and a little bit of time.  He has been so good to me. We arrived here at about 3am on Monday morning and quickly made it to bed and tarted getting settled. We then found out that we were going to go up to the North for a few days and packed up the next day to move. It’s all about being flexible! we came back here this evening because the power went out and we were unable to do what we went up there to do. Sorry I can’t really tell you about it. Feel free to ask my parents, I was able to talk to my mom, and I can talk on skype freely about what is going on. 

We met some of our interpreters today, and had a chance to go out with Linda and we talked with this family for quite a while. It was great and we were able to take some pictures with them. I’ve also had starbucks twice now! There is a big mall here that is near where we will spend a lot of out time and it is right in the entrance. 

I’ll also post some more picture in my flickr account, feel free to check them out!

Love you all!

We weren’t this tight at first and the man said that we had to get closer to them to make it look more like family. We’re going to get this printed and take a copy of it to them. so cool! 

all is well

All is well, all is hot, all is amazing. Here we are safe and sound. We live in a rough part of town, but in a good house. We sleep on the tile floor and have a/c. we have wireless internet and bucket showers. It has it’s pros and cons, but we are learning to laugh about things. I’m now 14 hours ahead of you and I really am enjoying this place. Thank Him for taking good care of me and that i have a great attitude about where I am at.

Please, if you don’t have skype, get it! I can talk freely on there. I would love to talk to people and see how things are going. Thanks for all of your help to get me here, I’m so blessed. We’re going up to a different place for a few days so I might not be able to get online in that time, I’l post again when I’m able, but we’re getting ready to leave and I don’t have much time. Talk to you soon!



Well, I’m in a small rich country, in the East. We’re flying on to j-city in a couple of hours. All is well, since we had an 8 hour lay over out airline gave us hotel rooms and so we came here and got to shower, nap and eat. It is fabulous. The big guy is looking out for us. Bless you!



Well, this weekend has been the invasion of last quarter. All of the students from the January quarter are coming back from outreach. There are at least 100 new students and staff that are coming in and living among us. They have told us all along that we are a small quarter, but it has been really nice and homey. Now 228, the place that I live has people everywhere! I’ve gotten used to living with about 20 girls, but now living with like 50 is crazy! There are girls everywhere, on the floor and in the space that was once ours. It’ll be an interesting week. There were another 10 or so that came in at 1am and didn’t quiet down for a few hours, oh joy!

This weekend we had our megacities training all day of Saturday, 8 hours! It was good to learn about the city and what the people will be like and how to talk to them and respect them in their culture. I’m really excited about this trip, I know it’ll stretch me and cause me to lean on Him more than I ever have before.
It has been raining quite a bit the last couple of days and continues to do so even now. I guess that is what I get for coming here in the winter time. j-city will be very hot and humid though, only one more week of rain, then I bet I’ll be wishing for some rain and coolness.
Last night I went to dinner with some girls to a place called Nandos, Portuguese food, it was amazing. It had some spice to it, so I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think that is all for now. Happy Father’s Day to all of those dad’s out there! Have a good day!


Sometimes throughout the week I find that I pack everything up and try to wrap it in a nice looking present that I can share with people about what I have been learning. I don’t like to spew everything out in different random sessions, this is me being an internal processor. This week is different though, I feel like I’m about to overflow with  information, so I thought that I would “unpack” some of it for you.


This week we have been learning about the father heart of God. It has been amazing, john Bills is a great speaker that really gets my mind turning. For example… Love your neighbor as yourself. What about that? We’ve heard it so many times, but do we practice it? Do we even know how to love ourselves much less our neighbors? I guess we have to understand God’s father heart for us in order to love ourselves the way that he loves us and in turn love our neighbors. I would like to say that I love people, and I do, but to what extent? I want to have compassion for people that I love them the way that God loves them. Even the people that are so cruel to others that you might think that the only thing that they deserve is death, but God loves the pedophile as much as he loves the pastor. What? How can that be? I guess we have always been told that he loves everyone just the same, but it is hard to grasp it sometimes when put into context like that. What about the men that buy children so that they can be trafficked around the world and sold again for sex. How can I love them? Well, here it is… I can’t., but if I have the heart of God, his father heart and understand how he loves them, then I can. I’m not there, but I’m asking God to take me there, to reveal to me how he loves those people.


This is really just the tip of the ice berg. There are so many questions, and we have long moved past loving your neighbor in class, but I’m still processing some of that. I just needed to unpack a little bit of what keeps me awake at night and what my brain is wound up on all day.  I hope that this causes you to think as well. I would love to know what you think about all this and if there is a way that you can apply it to your life.



This post is for Brent Colby, now you know I went to a Rugby game while I was in Australia. I watched the Western Reds play the New South Whales Mounties. The Reds lost, but I think that I learned a lot about rugby. Maybe next time someone that knows about rugby should come with me! It was fun anyways!