Well, this has been an amazing week. God has been speaking to me about my future and what it may look like, I don’t feel like I can quite share it with everyone, but if you could keep me in your prayers that would be awesome. We’ve been talking about evangelism this last week and we’ll finish up today. Our speaker is really cool and makes it all seem so simple and how it should part of your everyday life. Basically, the love that you have for God should compel you to share with people who he is in your life and how he has changed your life. Really simple, just share your story… Sometimes we also get so bogged down in “how” God is supposed to speak to us that we forget to listen in everyday situations. He has a pretty ordinary voice and he speaks your language and vernacular. It just speaks more to how well he knows us and how clearly he can speak anytime. Just another thing that stuck out to me this week.

This weekend we are being treated to dinner on Saturday night, it was Petrina’s birthday yesterday and her parents and aunt are paying for all of us to go out to dinner. I’m excited to not eat base food! You can be praying, I haven’t been feeling too well. I have had a stomach ache and last night a really bad head ache, my head is feeling better, but my stomach is still a little woozy… I’ll make it, but I think that it was the fish that I ate last night, it’s nothing like the fresh salmon at home!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot… 2-ply! We got 2-ply toilet paper this week! quilted and everything, the little luxuries at home! God is good and he knows what we need. haha, like 2-ply is needed, it isn’t, but it is very appreciated. Don’t take your T.P. for granted!

Talk to you soon,



One thought on “2-ply

  1. Hey! I understand what you are saying on the 2-ply, never know what you miss till its gone! I am totally excited for you and how your future “might” look. Keep on the path He has set before you – open doors are yours for walking in! Hugs and prayers =)

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