Sometimes throughout the week I find that I pack everything up and try to wrap it in a nice looking present that I can share with people about what I have been learning. I don’t like to spew everything out in different random sessions, this is me being an internal processor. This week is different though, I feel like I’m about to overflow with  information, so I thought that I would “unpack” some of it for you.


This week we have been learning about the father heart of God. It has been amazing, john Bills is a great speaker that really gets my mind turning. For example… Love your neighbor as yourself. What about that? We’ve heard it so many times, but do we practice it? Do we even know how to love ourselves much less our neighbors? I guess we have to understand God’s father heart for us in order to love ourselves the way that he loves us and in turn love our neighbors. I would like to say that I love people, and I do, but to what extent? I want to have compassion for people that I love them the way that God loves them. Even the people that are so cruel to others that you might think that the only thing that they deserve is death, but God loves the pedophile as much as he loves the pastor. What? How can that be? I guess we have always been told that he loves everyone just the same, but it is hard to grasp it sometimes when put into context like that. What about the men that buy children so that they can be trafficked around the world and sold again for sex. How can I love them? Well, here it is… I can’t., but if I have the heart of God, his father heart and understand how he loves them, then I can. I’m not there, but I’m asking God to take me there, to reveal to me how he loves those people.


This is really just the tip of the ice berg. There are so many questions, and we have long moved past loving your neighbor in class, but I’m still processing some of that. I just needed to unpack a little bit of what keeps me awake at night and what my brain is wound up on all day.  I hope that this causes you to think as well. I would love to know what you think about all this and if there is a way that you can apply it to your life.


One thought on “unpacking

  1. Hi there! That whole thing about loving yourself – hard to grasp, but it is so biblical. Sorry your not getting all the sleep you need, but these are good questions to be pondering! Later Tater.

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