Well, this weekend has been the invasion of last quarter. All of the students from the January quarter are coming back from outreach. There are at least 100 new students and staff that are coming in and living among us. They have told us all along that we are a small quarter, but it has been really nice and homey. Now 228, the place that I live has people everywhere! I’ve gotten used to living with about 20 girls, but now living with like 50 is crazy! There are girls everywhere, on the floor and in the space that was once ours. It’ll be an interesting week. There were another 10 or so that came in at 1am and didn’t quiet down for a few hours, oh joy!

This weekend we had our megacities training all day of Saturday, 8 hours! It was good to learn about the city and what the people will be like and how to talk to them and respect them in their culture. I’m really excited about this trip, I know it’ll stretch me and cause me to lean on Him more than I ever have before.
It has been raining quite a bit the last couple of days and continues to do so even now. I guess that is what I get for coming here in the winter time. j-city will be very hot and humid though, only one more week of rain, then I bet I’ll be wishing for some rain and coolness.
Last night I went to dinner with some girls to a place called Nandos, Portuguese food, it was amazing. It had some spice to it, so I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think that is all for now. Happy Father’s Day to all of those dad’s out there! Have a good day!

One thought on “Invasion!

  1. Busy! Busy! I can’t believe you only have one more week there! It has gone so fast =)

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