all is well

All is well, all is hot, all is amazing. Here we are safe and sound. We live in a rough part of town, but in a good house. We sleep on the tile floor and have a/c. we have wireless internet and bucket showers. It has it’s pros and cons, but we are learning to laugh about things. I’m now 14 hours ahead of you and I really am enjoying this place. Thank Him for taking good care of me and that i have a great attitude about where I am at.

Please, if you don’t have skype, get it! I can talk freely on there. I would love to talk to people and see how things are going. Thanks for all of your help to get me here, I’m so blessed. We’re going up to a different place for a few days so I might not be able to get online in that time, I’l post again when I’m able, but we’re getting ready to leave and I don’t have much time. Talk to you soon!


3 thoughts on “all is well

  1. working on the skype thing . . . glad you are there safe. Pros and cons for sure – I hope you have a good sleeping mat! Hugs

  2. we bought a good sleeping mat; thank you Jesus!!! Do you kids remember the book I used to read to you called “Quacky and Wacky?” There was a cassette tape with it; with an older lady narrating it? Two little ducks on a chicken farm; trying to fit in and be happy? Till the farmer gave them to a different farmer that had a pond and other ducks? Once Quacky and Wacky hit the pond and paddled around they knew they were where they were supposed to be!!! This is what they were made for!!!! They were finally happy in the pond that God had designed for them!!! Yeah Jesus!!

  3. Im Glad you made it safely. 🙂 I know you cant talk about a whole lot of what you are going to do, but i hope its fun and enjoyable!

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