first few days

Well, things are going great. I know that my last post was quick, but I finally have the internet and a little bit of time.  He has been so good to me. We arrived here at about 3am on Monday morning and quickly made it to bed and tarted getting settled. We then found out that we were going to go up to the North for a few days and packed up the next day to move. It’s all about being flexible! we came back here this evening because the power went out and we were unable to do what we went up there to do. Sorry I can’t really tell you about it. Feel free to ask my parents, I was able to talk to my mom, and I can talk on skype freely about what is going on. 

We met some of our interpreters today, and had a chance to go out with Linda and we talked with this family for quite a while. It was great and we were able to take some pictures with them. I’ve also had starbucks twice now! There is a big mall here that is near where we will spend a lot of out time and it is right in the entrance. 

I’ll also post some more picture in my flickr account, feel free to check them out!

Love you all!

We weren’t this tight at first and the man said that we had to get closer to them to make it look more like family. We’re going to get this printed and take a copy of it to them. so cool! 

3 thoughts on “first few days

  1. That is so cool that they wanted you to be like family! Sounds like an amazing first few days – what’s next?!

  2. SWEEET! Youre like a secret agent!
    I like the comment about nothing being tight before and then lets look like a family! haha!

  3. love the new format, mom

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