life abroad

Things sure are different here. This is my first time in an eastern/asian culture. It is different to stick out and go to places where I’m totally out of the ordinary. I actually am really enjoying it all. Last night we went to a couple of “malls” or shopping areas where there was a small aisle and clothing and goods hanging everywhere. It was crazy! People were talking to us and practicing their english, smiling and laughing at us. As we were walking I would see one person nudge another and look at us. It was quite the experience. 

We’ve been finishing up our lectures this week since we came a week early, and we are watching some DVD’s as planned. it is all about what is going on in the realms around us and how to battle. Hopefully you get my gist as to what I’m saying. Anyways, we watched 4 hours of that yesterday and we’ll watch some more this evening and tomorrow as well. We should finish up tomorrow. 

Everything is great here and the big guy is moving in the region that we’ll be working in, so that is encouraging. If anyone has any desire to send me mail at all, you can ask my parents for the address. I’ll write more as things happen.

Thanks for your support,

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