week numero uno

Here I am, a week after arriving and the whole no personal space, no time alone thing is coming up! Living in a small apartment with 3 rooms, one bathroom and 19 people isn’t the most fun thing I have ever done. This week there is another team leaving that lives next door, so then we can spread out.

It has been a good week. Lost of reading the Book, we started at the beginning and we’ll end at Rev… We got through to Jeremiah in two days. We read for 2 hours outloud in groups and then have six hours off while other teams read. I think that we’re trying to finish it tomorrow. The 2am – 4am shift was a little tough. Three days through the entire thing is pretty good I would say.

We also finished our lectures. We did it all on video all about the battle that we’re in and what it means to fight against it. 12 hours of teaching in 3 days was quite wearing on everyone, but at least we have a/c. Today we had another person join our group for 2 months, her name is Kimberly and she is from Holland. SHould be fun!

We start with our conference this week and we had a meeting today to help prep us for it. We got to see all of our friends that we haven’t seen for a week, it feels like it has been so much longer. It is weird to think that it was only a week, but after this, it’ll be harder to see everyone. I got a big hug from Sarah who is leading the group in the South, she’s fun, I’m sure we’ll hang out on a free day. We will see all the groups at the conference this week, it’ll be a lot of fun. We’re all working with media at the conference (surprise, surprise!). They are expecting about 3500 people.

I’ve also been hit with a little bit of a bug in the tummy, so I haven’t been feeling very well. Please be talking to the big guy if you think about it. This place is also pretty heavy and it’s a constant battle in the other realm, but He is good and I think that I might be able to eat this evening!

I have some more pictures come, as soon as the internet is fast enough to upload them, I’ll get on it!

Talk to you soon,

p.s. get skype! 

One thought on “week numero uno

  1. Glad you’ve had a good week, though difficult! Nothing like getting thrown into a situation to help one adjust =) You are always in my prayers.

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