GYO – Global Youth Outreach

Hey all, I’m having a good time here. We began our youth conference today. Last night we were setting up until 12:30 am & then I was working on a video until 1:30 am after we got home, which proved to be more difficult than it needed to be… You see we live at a car wash/mechanic shop. It’s a pretty sketchy art of town and all the taksi (taxi) drivers get lost trying to find it. Plus, we’re not much help and there aren’t any street signs. I don’t know how they do it! So I was working on this video, which I won’t be able to do now… I officially dislike hard drive cameras, they are poopy. So once, I decided to give up on the video for the night I went to bed. Then we got to get and get out of the house by 5:45 am so that we could be back at the conference hall in time. not much sleep, and I’ve been sick, so it didn’t help. My tummy isn’t liking the food here. So I’m on a Gatorade, banana, cracker and sprite diet… Awesome!

The conference is going really well. The H.S. was moving tonight through out the whole group. It was amazing and full on. Keep lifting up the youth here in J-city, that He would continue to move in their worlds and we can see massive change in this city. I believe it can happen, and so do the 1500 or so students that were at the GYO today. 

Well, it is midnight and I have to get up at 6:45 for another long day, but I get to be on the camera again tomorrow, and I’m really excited. I had quite a bit of fun tonight running a camera for live feed, it’s nice to be on the other end!

I’ll try to keep you updated with what is happening this week!

One thought on “GYO – Global Youth Outreach

  1. great visit w/you and Amy!!! We serve a great leader!!!

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