Ruah Inda – Slums day 2

I want to keep you updated on what is going on, but there seems to be so much that it is hard to write everything, or at least find time to write it all down. We went to another slum today, this one was much “nicer” if that word is even available to use in describing a slum! It wasn’t over water, that much is true. It did have it’s dirty stinky water to deal with though. When the dutch came into town and colonized here, they thought that it would be a good idea to use the canal system for the water around here, and it probably is, but not if people just use it to throw trash in and it clogs everything up. So there is lots of standing water everywhere and the trash in it makes it smell really bad. Sorry, tangent. Back to what I was saying. We went to this slum today and the people were so open and so excited that the boleh’s were there. Everyone loves the white people coming and visiting them. They love pictures and seeing themselves on the camera. We broke into groups again and the group of 4 that I was with went along with our main translator, Bene, she is really nice and speaks very good english. We ended up meeting this lady and she invited us into her house to sit and talk and just hang out. So we went and the of course are so hospitable that they went and bought us Tehbotol, it is a sweet tea in a glass bottle. Pretty good stuff, we tried to tell her no, but they won’t have it! There were about 20 people in this living room sitting with us talking and asking us questions. We had a great time and some great doors are open for us to work in this area. We’ll be the first team to keep going back, it is a new slum that no other teams have worked in, so that is so exciting. We’re going back to the same place tomorrow. The son of the woman told us he would show us around and give us a bit of a tour of the slum. He speaks english, but is quite shy to speak it to the white people. We encourage them as much as we can. Friday we’re going to be teaching some english to the children in the water slum. I really enjoyed today and said to myself that I could go to that slum everyday and work with those people, they were really sweet and really inviting. 

Here are some more pictures from today, good times!

One thought on “Ruah Inda – Slums day 2

  1. unbelievable!!! what an awesome experience. people just need to be loved and felt of value; keep it up

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