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I had another great day! We started on our mural in the slum that
we’ve spent a lot of our week in. We had to buy plaster in order to
make the wall paint-able. So Nathan, Bene and I headed to the store to
buy all of our supplies for today and for the painting tomorrow. Once
we got back we got started on getting the plaster on the wall. Here is
what the wall looked like when we got started.
It wasn’t east work and we ended up getting pretty messy. We had a
good time though. The kids crowded around us wondering what in the
world we were doing and interested to see what we were going to make
out of it all. we finally finished up about and hour and a half
later. dirty, tired and sweaty. Don’t worry our day wasn’t over yet!

We got some dinner and headed back to the water slum. Part of our team
did and english class for the kids in the slum and the rest of us
talked with the people. Played some songs on the guitar and got to
know the parents better. I met a family tonight. 8 grown kids. 7
sisters 1 brother. I didn’t meet all of them, but I think I met 5 of
the sisters that live there in the slum and their mother as well. It
is always fun trying to break down the communication barrier with a
small book of phrases and an interpreter that is off talking with
someone else. Elli and I had fun though. After about and hour and a
half there we headed home.

I had a great time in the taxi with Jungtina, Petrina and Adam (our
new team member for one week). We joked around a lot and just enjoyed
being silly and having fun together. Adam is waiting for his visa to
join his team on outreach, he’s from here and wanted to join us while
he is waiting. It has been fun getting to know him today. I would say
that we’re already friends!
Sorry if this is short, but we have a long day tomorrow… and it’s
already 11:30. Have a great day, I’ll try to post tomorrow too!

One thought on “Fantastic!

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun – while making large impact too! Keep it up – I always look forward to your posts 🙂

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