Today seemed to be something of a dream for all of us. We went over to Adam’s house. He has been our teammate this last week because he is in the city waiting for his visa. He is headed out to join his team again on wednesday. His house is amazing, it is something like a resort-style house, pool and all. His mom really wanted to make food for us so we thought that this would be a great way to spend our day off.

We got there and got a small tour of the beautiful house that has about 4 different parts to it and then pretty quickly made our way into the pool! It was big and fun and we did cannon balls off of the bridge that goes over the pool. Then we got out and had lunch by the pool. Sate, rice, mie goringe, and some amazing sauces. Of course with ice cold coke with lime. After that we went into the sauna to get all of the pollution toxins out of our bodies, which felt sooooo good! By that time the baskin robbins ice cream came, so we had ice cream cones… pralines and cream. We then decided to jump back into the pool, they have an underwater camera, so we did some fun videos with that. Then Got out and took a shower, a nice warm shower and got all cleaned up! We were then treated to some coffee from Kona and Krispy Kreme’s were brought in for us to have with my second cup of coffee. I then relaxed in front of my computer for a little while and got a few things done and almost fell asleep in the chair listening to music and just enjoying some quite time. Shortly there after Theo’s (Adam’s dad) hair dresser showed up to do his hair, but first asked if any of wanted our hair done. So I got a free hair cut from a high end hair stylist. We then were taken out to dinner at a MEXICAN restaurant! It was sooo sooo sooo good. It had live music and we danced to the music after dinner and had so much fun, all of us were treated by Adam’s family! We were so blessed this weekend, we still can believe it. Thanks big guy, I know that we have been blessed to be a blessing. We have lots to do in front of us. Thank you Toemion family for blessing us, you’re amazing!

2 thoughts on “unbelievable

  1. WOW that all sounds too good to be true! I just installed a working camera!!!! Now for skype 🙂

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