Back to Reality

Today we went back to reality. We headed out this afternoon to another slum, one that we haven’t been to before. This will be called the tanah merah slum. There haven’t been any other teams that have gone in here on a regular basis, so we get to pioneer the way, just as we are with Rauh Inda. We went in there today and did a prayer walk. We really just wanted to get the big guys heart for the area. It was quite the heavy atmosphere. As soon as we started praying into that heaviness, we found children that were so happy to meet us and they followed us through the slum for the next 30 minutes. They bring so much joy to such a hopeless place. We ended up sitting down and talking with a group of people that were sitting outside of their house. One of the women was 8 months pregnant and she told me that she wanted her baby to look just like me. They basically want buleh (white) kids. It was funny, she was joking of course, but a little sad at the same time. They have some beautiful children here. I also was able to talk one of the youth and get to know him better. His name is Wilkan, he is a cool kid and he is still learning his english, but doing well with it. I love getting to know the local youth and hearing what is on their heart for their city as well. They have good hearts, they just need to be taught how to put it into action. That’s what we’re here for! It is great to see us all coming together for the same common cause. He is good!

After the slum we went to a cell group (small group) at a church near the water slum and taught them about prayer walking. I was wiped out by that time (I’m fighting off a cold), but it was a good evening. There were only about 3 youth at the group tonight, but I’m sure we’ll go there again. After that we headed home, and into the shower! Another long day has passed by, keep praying that I’ll stay healthy.

This is a glimpse of the reality that I see everyday. He has placed a burden on my heart for these people for this time. I will do what He asks, they are so precious. I will do what is in my strength to do to help them live a life that pleases him. Sometimes it is so overwhelming, but I know that he has strategies for places like this, and I want to be a part of them.

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