Here I am today in front of the sun that I painted, not bad huh? I am my mothers daughter! A few of us went to Rawa Indah (I finally learned how to spell it) and worked on our mural for a little while. I was honored/surprised that I was chosen to go and paint. I had fun. It was so hot today, I actually had sweat beading up on my arm! It was crazy. We finally smartened up and used some latex gloves to protect our hands since we’re using oil based paint, and when I took my gloves off after painting my hands looked like prunes! It was pretty sick.

Today is Jungtina’s (JT’s) birthday, so we invited all of our translators over and had a party for her birthday. We found Indian food, since she is from India, and played some games and music, took lots of pictures, of course, and had quite a bit of fun. 

I’m finally feeling better, not 100% but much better. I still have a pretty nasty cough, but I am able to laugh now without coughing! Plus, my nose has cleared up a lot and it is nice to feel all around better. Thanks for your prayers. 

We were invited over to Adam’s house again, even though he isn’t there, his mom wanted to hang out with us some more. So on our day off we went over there to see her, only about 7 of us went this time. We were fed very well again and we had a good time chatting with her and getting to know the family better. It was another nice, relaxing day. We tried to go see Batman, but it was sold out except for the very front (They actually sell the tickets by seat here), so we opted not to go yesterday, hopefully we’ll go next weekend. It only costs about $2 to go see movies here. Amazing! I think that is about all that I have to share for this evening. i’m pretty tired, so I’m going to get some good sleep tonight. Love you all, thanks for your support. Keep praying that photogenX support will come in!


One thought on “Mural-ing

  1. I’m so glad you are on the verge of feeling good! Your sun looks great! I’m not sure that I will have painting skills like that ever – even if I practice. Oh well – I’m ok with that!

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