24 July 2008: Sorry I’m not more creative

 Today was yet another great day! But I’ll tell you about that after I share my funny story from yesterday…

So we’re teaching english in this Mus kindergarten and e had just finished the first hour of teaching, these kids were about 5. We were going in for our second hour to teach the 3 & 4 years olds. Nathan, Petrnia, Bene and I walked into the classroom and one of the little girls saw Nate and I and automatically started crying! Nate and I were the only two white people. Bene is our translator from Indo and Petrina is from Singapore, so they had no problem.  When the one girl started crying it started a chain reaction in the rest of the classroom, before we knew it the entire class was crying. All of the moms outside started coming in to see what was wrong with their children. They were all laughing because their children were afraid of the bule’s. They made Nathan and I leave the classroom and Petrina and Bene ended up teaching the class without us. It was so funny!

Today we went to another slum, the one in Tanah-Merah. We went out with some indo youth that go to a church that is thinking about adopting a slum and they ended up serving as translators for Nathan and myself. We ended up talk to a Christian woman and her children and praying for them. Most of the people that live in these areas don’t really want to, but jobs are so hard to find in j-city that they don’t have much of a choice in the matter. It was good to hear from this woman that she still hopes that one day they’ll be able to move to a nicer area of town.

After that we went to her neighbors house and talked with an old woman and her grand daughter for quite a while. The old woman was so excited when she saw us. It is a privilege for them to have a bule in their house. They believe that if they dream the night before that something good will happen the following day, and she said that she dreamed last night and then today we showed up in her house. It was a Mus family and our translator boys were pretty scared to talk to them and go into their house, but they followed us in and translated for us. They did and amazing job too! The old woman has cataracts, so we prayed for healing and I’m still expecting for her to have her sight back completely. We also prayed for her grand daughter who is pregnant and just prayed for a safe delivery. They invited us to come over on 27 August when she is due to have the baby. They were joking (I think) that if it is a boy they want to name it Nathan and if it is a girl they’ll name is Natalie.  We had a great time and then we took this picture with all of them.

I was going to crop the picture, but I love all of the colors that you see in the slum. This is where I go everyday!

This evening after coming home… Amanda and I had prayer chain. While praying we noticed that our turtle, that was left by the previous team, had dirty water. So Amanda cleaned the water while I babysat the turtle. So here is a picture of her and I, oh joy!

One thought on “24 July 2008: Sorry I’m not more creative

  1. It doesn’t matter how creative you are – I just love reading about your adventures 🙂 It is so good to be witness all the exciting things He has you doing there!

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