Family pictures

today we were at the water slum all day. Friday’s are kind of becoming our day there. We went this afternoon to take family pictures so that we could get them printed and bring them back to the families as a gift. One of the ways that we’re using our media skills. I’m in the process of uploading a bunch of the pictures to my flickr account. It was a fun day… but also hot, as always! We were able to talk with some new people and get to know them better. When we came back after dinner a group went to teach english to the kinds and usually get to just hang out and visit with some of the families. Tonight when I came in, one of the guys that is always there remembered that I was sick last week and not there. He asked how I was feeling and glad that I was there tonight. It is great to know that we are actually building relationships and making a difference in people’s lives so that they actually remember us. It was an encouraging moment.

This morning Jess asked me to share with the team a little devo about what I have been learning about Communication. It was good to share with the team and challenge them. It has been something that He has really had on my heart this whole DTS. A lot of the time it is hard because I have felt conviction about different things that He is teaching me and challenging me with. I don’t feel that I have had the opportunity, until now, to share some of those convictions with my team and bring them up to this standard of communication that I feel as though I have been called to. It was good to have everyone on the same page as me. I feel as though this has been one tough area for all of us. Mis-communication and misunderstandings seem to be happening all of the time. I know it is a scheme of the enemy, if you could be praying for us in that area that would be great. Thanks for all of your support. Here is one of my favorite pictures from today.

Please check out some of the others that I took recently. This area could be a beautiful place to live if it was taken care of properly. I believe that it can happen!


4 thoughts on “Family pictures

  1. What a darling little boy, but how sad that he walks among that stuff. If possible, make a difference in his life ~ he could be my adopted grandchild. We love you and are glad that you are feeling better.

  2. I find it surprising that all though they live in such poor conditions you can tell, from just these recent photos, that they work hard to keep themselves and their kids quite clean.

    Glad you’re feeling better – love you!

  3. I love that you are taking family pictures – I know that they will treasure them and think of you all whenever they see them. You are making a lasting difference! Hugs & Prayers

  4. cute pics! the kids are adorable; love you, mom

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