It doesn’t feel like the weekend…

My week seems to be so messed up while I’m here. We only have one day off each week, that’s Monday. It makes for a long week! So I get confused on which day it really is.
Saturday we were up and out of the house by 7:30, it was an early morning. We went to the slum to do some teaching fir the youth. We spent two hours doing that a one put applying what they had just learned. We got to visit the same two families that we did on Thursday, the Christian woman and her family and also the lady with cataracts. They were short visits, but also very encouraging. She wasn’t healed yet, but I still believe that it will happen.
This evening we went over to a house of one of the other teams and had a big reporting time and just a time to see how everyone was doing. We ate dinner together and also watched Madagascar, it was a good evening. We also had the chance to say by to some friends that are going to another location for the remaining 6 weeks. 

Sunday morning we got to sleep in for a little while, I got around 8:30, I can’t believe that is sleeping in! We had some team time and then we went to meet some cell groups at a church to take them to two different slums that they are adopting as a church. This is what we’re here for! The church is being mobilized, it is great. So myself and 3 Indos went to Rawa Indah, one of the slums that we spend a lot of time in, and started talking with some ladies. Then this other woman walked up to us and started asking if we could teach English classes to some adults. he then invited us into her home to show us where we could teach the class and we talked with her for a long time. Come to find out, this woman is a part of the political party and has a lot of influence in the slum and in that particular party. She had a calendar hanging in her house that was for the party and her picture was on it, I think she may have been the only woman and only about 9 others had their picture on it. I totally believe that it was God that brought this lady in our path and we were able to talk with her and go back sometime and teach English. This is a huge open door to help see some change happen in this slum! So needless to say, it was another great day!

Be blessed!

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