P.K. – I don’t know what it stands for… but it’s a slum

Today we went to this new slum P.K. I have never been there before, but half of the team had been. It was interesting, this morning God spoke to me about staying at a school there in the slum and not going out with everyone else, just to be praying. So I did just that, I want to be out there in the action, but I want to obey at the same time. I really feel like I’m on the verge of huge things happening with the people that I talk to, but it hasn’t happened yet. I know that it will, I’m just listening to him and obeying what it is that He is telling me.

Today was great though, we saw another person come to know Jesus, #5! It is so amazing to see and hear how He is working in the city, he is on the move and we’re a part of it! So cool! We also had a few team members go through a deliverance time with some guys who were into black magic. it was very intense, but they both gave their lives over and some manifestations happened and it was crazy sounding, but our king was victorious! PTL! Keep praying for us, as we are coming against darkness, it is trying to come at us, but we won’t let it. Thanks for all your support! You’ll notice that my numbers keep falling in the right column, so amazing! Keep your ears open for up and coming fundraisers. I know that there will be a car was on September 6, plus, there is more to come! I have been doing the updates for our school website too, you should check it out. I can’t put the address here, but it the site of the school that I’m with MediaReach, hopefully you can find it, if not, ask my parents. more to come this week, I’m sure of it!

One thought on “P.K. – I don’t know what it stands for… but it’s a slum

  1. Exciting times! He is big enough for everything He puts in your path 🙂

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