slummin’ it!


I was sweating a lot, thank goodness for cold water! This was after the slum time.

I was sweating a lot, thank goodness for cold water! This was after the slum time.

The days are hot and the humidity is high! Today felt particularly hot though. 5 of us spent the day at the water slum. I had the chance to talk with the wife of the slum leader and also another family for a little while. Come to find out later that I was also talking with his brother in law. The families are so big and confusing, it is hard to understand sometimes. The bro-in-law was asking lots of questions… where am I from, how old am I, am I married… you know, the usual! Then they were making jokes: Your single, I’m single, that makes double, yeah? Haha, NO way buddy! A little embarrassing, but I just laughed it off. I doesn’t help when the translators are laughing too! Not a big deal, it actually happens quite a bit, people are always trying to hook the bule’s up with their family members.


As we were walking out this afternoon, they were fixing the bridge to the slum. It has gotten pretty bad trying to walk across the bridge… Today as they were fixing it though, we had to walk on a 3″ cement wall, with gross water all around us. I made it safely, but it was a little scary. One of the girls that was on my team jumped down too soon and fell through some of the boards, she didn’t go into the water, but she did scrape up her leg quite a bit. We were just coming out to eat lunch and then go back in afterwards, but we didn’t want to walk over the bridge again and have anyone else get hurt, so we walked around the long way. It was like a 20 minute walk when it is usually about 2 minutes. We were pretty hot by the time we came out. We left our house at about 10:30 this morning, don’t worry I still had to be up at 7:45, and we got home at about 5pm, it was a long day. The shower felt so good!

Dessert competition: Yes, tonight we had “The Xtreme Fabulous Dessert Battle Extravaganza of 2008!!!” It was a great time. We broke up into 5 teams by the room that we sleep in. A few rooms combined, like Becca and I teamed up with Jess and Anders. We made a truffle, it was delicious. We had 5 categories to choose from and 5 amazing desserts. Besides ours, we had fried bananas w/ice cream and strawberries, this Thai rice with fruit thing, a chocolate shot with entirely too much chocolate, and rootbeer floats.


This is our Truffle!

This is our Truffle!

We were judged in these 5 catagories and these are also the groups that won
Presentation: Thai rice thing-a-ma-jig
Texture: Truffle
WOW factor: Chocolate shot
Creativity: Fried Bananas
Flavor: Truffle


So basically, we WON! If you have any idea how competitive I am, you know how excited I am to win. We had lots of fun. Our Truffle consisted of chocolate cake, bananas, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate sprinkles, whipped creme, and some yogurt as well. I must admit, it was very good and very good combo of flavors in the mouth!

So we are having fun and doing some random things that help make it all feel more like home and not quite so intense all of the time. Peace out for now!

2 thoughts on “slummin’ it!

  1. sounds yummy!!! what a day; love to hear the humaness of your day love you, babe, mom

  2. Hooray to the winners! That sounds like a winning combo for sure. It’s been hot here too, but you look much stickier than I. Glad you are able to laugh off those awkward moments – they come pretty easy when you are the outsider it seems. . . talk to you soon!

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