How can this be?

How can this be?

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I don’t quite get how this is anyway to live. We really want to help
out this slum with clean water solutions. This river runs through the
middle of the entire community, it used to be clean! Do you see the
blue tint? That’s from the blue jeans dye from the near by factory.
Talk about social injustice! This is what I want to be a voice for,
these are the kind of people.



Here I am today in front of the sun that I painted, not bad huh? I am my mothers daughter! A few of us went to Rawa Indah (I finally learned how to spell it) and worked on our mural for a little while. I was honored/surprised that I was chosen to go and paint. I had fun. It was so hot today, I actually had sweat beading up on my arm! It was crazy. We finally smartened up and used some latex gloves to protect our hands since we’re using oil based paint, and when I took my gloves off after painting my hands looked like prunes! It was pretty sick.

Today is Jungtina’s (JT’s) birthday, so we invited all of our translators over and had a party for her birthday. We found Indian food, since she is from India, and played some games and music, took lots of pictures, of course, and had quite a bit of fun. 

I’m finally feeling better, not 100% but much better. I still have a pretty nasty cough, but I am able to laugh now without coughing! Plus, my nose has cleared up a lot and it is nice to feel all around better. Thanks for your prayers. 

We were invited over to Adam’s house again, even though he isn’t there, his mom wanted to hang out with us some more. So on our day off we went over there to see her, only about 7 of us went this time. We were fed very well again and we had a good time chatting with her and getting to know the family better. It was another nice, relaxing day. We tried to go see Batman, but it was sold out except for the very front (They actually sell the tickets by seat here), so we opted not to go yesterday, hopefully we’ll go next weekend. It only costs about $2 to go see movies here. Amazing! I think that is about all that I have to share for this evening. i’m pretty tired, so I’m going to get some good sleep tonight. Love you all, thanks for your support. Keep praying that photogenX support will come in!


The last few days…

It’s not that I have been too busy to write lately, in fact, I think that it has been the opposite. I’ve been too sick to do anything that is of importance to share with you. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been sick, but I’ve only been doing about half of the stuff that the team is doing. 

Friday – I stayed home all day, the team was here until 4pm and then went and taught English at the water slum in the evening so I stayed home hoping to get better since we has two early mornings for the weekend.

Saturday – We were up and out of the house by 7am and arrived for a meeting that was a follow up to the conference that we did a couple of weeks ago. No one told us that it started at 9:30, we were only told to arrive at 8, but we got there early thinking that it started at 8am… we’re not always late, so I’m not sure why they wanted us there so early. The meeting lasted until about 1pm! ugggh, I don’t want to sit all dressed up in a church like setting for 4 hours when I can only understand half of what is being said. We got done there got some lunch and I went home with half of the team.

While they prepared for today, I rested. Thank you Lord! The other half went and did a youth service for a local church, I was supposed to go with them, but obviously didn’t.

Sunday – This morning we had to be up and ready to go at 8am… a little better. We went to the same church that we did last week, but went to a different service, and we didn’t have to do worship! We had lunch for them after the service and then I was told to go to the hospital to see a doctor and get better. So, Rachel and I went and found that the wing of the hospital that I would need to go to was closed. So we bought cough syrup and nose spray and went home. That about brings you up to date with what has been going on here. Not that exciting, I know! Hopefully this week will be good and I’ll be feeling up for it!

This is the youth service that we did at the church today, not to be confused with the teenage one or the young adult one… ay, ay, ay confusing! It’s a big church of about 10,000, but we have yet to see a big service, except on the TV while eating lunch!


Take that sucker!

This is my phrase of the day:

Take that sucker, Satan you can’t keep me down!

Today, I decided that I didn’t care if I was sick or not and went with the team. I’m really not feeling much better, but I didn’t want to stay at home all day again. So I got up and was out of the house by 8am. I had my roll of toilet paper in hand with a couple of liter of water at my side and I was ready to go.  We went to Rauh-Inda again today to do more murals! We’re going to be good at this by the time we’re done. We’re painting the front of a Mus…lim kindergarten! It is so amazing, we’re designing it with God and co-creating with Him and what he wants on this school. It is going to be so amazing! I’ll post pictures when we have more of it done. We also worked on finishing more of the other one as well. We’re using the hand prints of the kids to be the leaves on the tree, so it’ll take a while to get enough up there. We’re having lots of fun and tomorrow we’ll go to the water slum.

I forgot. This morning when we first got to the school, we split into 3 groups and were teaching English to kindergartners for an entire hour. Lucky us! We got there and we didn’t have any translators yet. Okay, flexibility, this is fun. Thankfully we got started with the letter A and about 10 minutes into it our translator showed up and helped us out for the rest of the time. The kids were great and they were doing great with the alphabet. We’ll see what we teach them next week, maybe some basic phrases. This is what it is all about, helping them have the skills to have a brighter future, we’ll get to their eternity when we can 😉

After we got home I was completely wiped out. I showered and took a 2 hour nap, thankfully I had time to do that today. We have a base prayer time on Thursday nights, I slept through mine, but Jess covered it! Hopefully I’m on the mend! I think that’s all for today, hope you’re doing great. The days are flying by here, yay!


See, I was painting… I know it is blurry, but it is all I got!




Well, now that I officially have a cold. It isn’t any fun. Sneezing, coughing, sinus pressure, the whole bit. So I stayed home today and didn’t go out with the group. The goodnews is that I was able to up load about 150 new pictures to flickr. Lots of them! All of our adventure from the last week. I hope you enjoy looking at them. I think is about it for tonight. I have to be up and ready to go at 7:30am, so I think that I’ll go to sleep now and hopefully sleep through the night. I’ve already used a whole roll of toilet paper, pray that I get better soon, I don’t want to miss out on anymore of the good stuff going on.

until next time,

Back to Reality

Today we went back to reality. We headed out this afternoon to another slum, one that we haven’t been to before. This will be called the tanah merah slum. There haven’t been any other teams that have gone in here on a regular basis, so we get to pioneer the way, just as we are with Rauh Inda. We went in there today and did a prayer walk. We really just wanted to get the big guys heart for the area. It was quite the heavy atmosphere. As soon as we started praying into that heaviness, we found children that were so happy to meet us and they followed us through the slum for the next 30 minutes. They bring so much joy to such a hopeless place. We ended up sitting down and talking with a group of people that were sitting outside of their house. One of the women was 8 months pregnant and she told me that she wanted her baby to look just like me. They basically want buleh (white) kids. It was funny, she was joking of course, but a little sad at the same time. They have some beautiful children here. I also was able to talk one of the youth and get to know him better. His name is Wilkan, he is a cool kid and he is still learning his english, but doing well with it. I love getting to know the local youth and hearing what is on their heart for their city as well. They have good hearts, they just need to be taught how to put it into action. That’s what we’re here for! It is great to see us all coming together for the same common cause. He is good!

After the slum we went to a cell group (small group) at a church near the water slum and taught them about prayer walking. I was wiped out by that time (I’m fighting off a cold), but it was a good evening. There were only about 3 youth at the group tonight, but I’m sure we’ll go there again. After that we headed home, and into the shower! Another long day has passed by, keep praying that I’ll stay healthy.

This is a glimpse of the reality that I see everyday. He has placed a burden on my heart for these people for this time. I will do what He asks, they are so precious. I will do what is in my strength to do to help them live a life that pleases him. Sometimes it is so overwhelming, but I know that he has strategies for places like this, and I want to be a part of them.


Today seemed to be something of a dream for all of us. We went over to Adam’s house. He has been our teammate this last week because he is in the city waiting for his visa. He is headed out to join his team again on wednesday. His house is amazing, it is something like a resort-style house, pool and all. His mom really wanted to make food for us so we thought that this would be a great way to spend our day off.

We got there and got a small tour of the beautiful house that has about 4 different parts to it and then pretty quickly made our way into the pool! It was big and fun and we did cannon balls off of the bridge that goes over the pool. Then we got out and had lunch by the pool. Sate, rice, mie goringe, and some amazing sauces. Of course with ice cold coke with lime. After that we went into the sauna to get all of the pollution toxins out of our bodies, which felt sooooo good! By that time the baskin robbins ice cream came, so we had ice cream cones… pralines and cream. We then decided to jump back into the pool, they have an underwater camera, so we did some fun videos with that. Then Got out and took a shower, a nice warm shower and got all cleaned up! We were then treated to some coffee from Kona and Krispy Kreme’s were brought in for us to have with my second cup of coffee. I then relaxed in front of my computer for a little while and got a few things done and almost fell asleep in the chair listening to music and just enjoying some quite time. Shortly there after Theo’s (Adam’s dad) hair dresser showed up to do his hair, but first asked if any of wanted our hair done. So I got a free hair cut from a high end hair stylist. We then were taken out to dinner at a MEXICAN restaurant! It was sooo sooo sooo good. It had live music and we danced to the music after dinner and had so much fun, all of us were treated by Adam’s family! We were so blessed this weekend, we still can believe it. Thanks big guy, I know that we have been blessed to be a blessing. We have lots to do in front of us. Thank you Toemion family for blessing us, you’re amazing!