A day like none other

It was a pretty confusing day. Nate, Amanda and I were asked to help with worship at a University meeting, and the rest of the team would just attend. So the three of us got up early and headed to the school, not really sure of what to expect. Nate brought his guitar and I brought the djiembe and my drum sticks. We were ready for what ever they threw at us.

It turned out the we were to join a team that was already in place and be a part of their worship. English and Indonesian songs! Amanda had the toughest job trying to sing along as a back-up vocalist. Some how Nate got taken off of the stage and some other guy used his guitar and Nate didn’t do anything. I played the djiembe and did something bad to my ring finger on my left hand. It’s now swollen and bruised. We ended up on the stage for about 4 hours, playing at random times and understanding little of what was happening. We didn’t rehearse before we started, even though we had time. We never knew which song was coming up next and it was so very random! It’s orientation time for the students, so it was a christian organization within the school that held this worship and sharing time. I don’t really know what else to say. I has a good time playing along, and learning songs as we went. The spirit moved some and Jess shared a good word about Lordship. We were at that place from 9am – 3pm…

Later this evening we went to Devin’s house, he is a translator and yesterday was his birthday, so we celebrated with him and his family tonight, and lots of his friends as well.

Yesterday, we went to the garbage slum and talked with an old man about what he believes. He was very set in his ways and was a little tough to talk to, but none the less it was a good conversation. We also had a going away party for one of the guys on the other team that we live with. David had to head back to Switzerland early to start University in a couple of days. We had a fun dance party and I had to take a second shower… I’m tired so I’m going to sleep early tonight.

Blessings upon you,


Today was the day!


Ibu Romlah

Ibu Romlah

This is Ibu Romlah, Today she asked J-man to be in her heart. It was a great day. She also had some healing happen in her stomach and hearing. God is on the move. She has a stomach ulcer from worrying about her children and being stressed out because they don’t get along. Most of the medicine doesn’t work for her that she can buy. So I told her about how I had an ulcer condition and when I gave all my worries to the Lord, my stomach got better and I was healed. Then our translator Hans took it away and the next thing we knew they were praying and she was repeating after him. There is still a long road of discipleship ahead, but I’m confident that the people here will take care of her. She said as we were praying that she felt lighter and that it felt as though something went into her ear and pulled out a plug so that she could head better. PTL! It was an amazing break through. It was the first person in Rawa Indah who has said a prayer. God is so good!

On Monday I did lots of sight seeing in the city, we had a fun time and spent most of the day looking at flowers, different houses from different areas of Indo, visiting museums, and all kinds of different things. 

Yesterday, we went to a slum that we haven’t been to much before, but got to talk with some ladies and learned about all the groups that come and bring them things. They have foundations that come and bring food and health care, but they are really thankful that we come just to talk and visit and get to know them. It was cool to share a little bit about why we come and how we are all created in God’s image and just be their friends. I had two little babies, one was 7 months and the other was 15 days! It was great. 

We then had a cooperate meeting in the South and had all the teams come together to worship, share testimonies, and pray for the city more. We then had dinner and watched a movie. It is always refreshing to hear about what is happening in other areas of the city. God is still on the move and I’m giving my all these last two weeks!

See you soon!

Blurry Vision

Sometimes I feel like if I try to see everything that is going on around me, then it is all just a blur, but if I focus on one thing at a time, then I can focus for just a moment. Things are going great here, time has flown by and I have about 3 weeks left here. We’ve seen some amazing things happen, and I’m expecting so much more these coming weeks. 

The last few days have been filled with church services and meetings, not a lot of exciting things to share about. I did sit through a 4 hour meeting in a language that I didn’t understand, that might be exciting… might. We had a good church service last night. Nate, Amanda and I sang and played a couple of songs while JoAnne did a couple of hawaiian dances. It was a great time of worship, the spirit was really moving. 

All in all, it was a quick week with our day off being in the middle. God is so good. Blessings go out to Mike and Megan who are now married. May your life be filled with joy, happiness, and many blessings. 

I’m getting ready to head out to do some sight seeing and go to the art district. It should be an enjoyable day. We’re just waiting for the driver to arrive!

warfare and street kids


I was sharing the goodnews and Roy was translating

I was sharing the goodnews and Roy was translating

Yesterday we had the chance to visit Ibu Anas once again. She is the little old lady with cataracts in Tanah-Marah Koramil. I’m pretty sure that she has become my one to visit. I was able to share the gospel and lay out what J-man did for her. Sometimes I get so frustrated because she just says that it is all the same, she thinks that we believe in the same God and believe the same things. We tell her that J-man isn’t just a prophet, but the Son of God and she doesn’t see the difference. We tell her that we have assurance of salvation, and she says that she has the same because she has done enough. Nate and I feel like we just keep hitting brick walls with her, it’s hard. Please be praying for us and for her. She is so sweet, funny and amazing. She is always on my heart and I want to see her come to know Him and also see clearly when her eyes are healed.


We then went to a youth group and listened to a man names Neil Gamble from Oregon. It was funny, I was talking to him before hand and he has been to Poulsbo and has a grandchild in Bremerton. Such a small world! He talked about the minis..try of reconciliation. It was the first time in a long time that I really was feeling fed by someone else. A lot of the time it is so hard to pay attention and understand what is being spoken about because of the translation. He was being translated too, but I could tell that he was used to speaking with translation and it was really good. He was sharing about how when God is up to something good, Satan always tries to come in and divide the group and bring dysfunction to the group. It was a great reminder for all of us to fight for the relationships that we have.

Today in Rawa Indah, Nate and I visited a friends mothers of one of our translators. She was telling us how they see demons in the house hanging around and that she is scared to sleep sometimes. They are a Christian family, except for Didi’s friend. She also shared about her cancer and we prayed over her for that and her loss of hearing. We then did some warfare in every room of the house. We anointed every room with oil, proclaimed the Word in every room, and did prayer battle in every room. It was a heavy time, but we sang some songs when we finished and the whole house seemed lighter as we were leaving. Needless to say, that took the whole afternoon.

We went back to the street kids service tonight. This morning as we were praying about it, I felt that God was asking us to share about the fruit of the spirit. So, we did a little drama. It was fun, it taught the kids about love, joy, peace and patience. We used drawings of real fruit and as I was on the way home from grocery shopping I ran into people that needed those things and the kids helped decide which fruit of the spirit each person needed. It was a lot of fun and we sang songs with them too. I really enjoy going there.

Well, we also finally got our visas completely taken care of! It took long enough. Somehow we ended up with 3 month extensions instead of 1 month, but don’t worry, I’m leaving here in 3 weeks to head back to Perth. I’ll be there for a week and then on home. God is good and we’re pushing through this last leg. There is still lots to be done and we’ll do all we can! Thanks for your prayers!


This is me and Ibu Anas, she's so small!

This is me and Ibu Anas, she

Day Off!

Today we finally had a day off! Usually we have Monday’s off, but we had “The Call” on Monday and then on tuesday we had to go apply for our visas. Tuesday ended up being pretty low key, which was nice. We got up and headed for the visa office around 8:30 and were back home by about 11:30. We had a little free time and some lunch. Then we had team time and did some preparation for the week. It was a nice time. After that we were invited over to Bene’s house, she is one of our coordinator’s, for dinner. She is leaving next week to go to school in Holland to finish her law degree, so we’ll be missing her. We had a good time of prayer and sharing over her in the evening at her dad’s house.


Today a few of us headed to the Central part of J-city to go to a mall. Petrina’s dad invited us out to lunch with them and he treated us to the Grand Hyatt, where I had Shrimp and roasted potatoes, with a salad and soup and a mango dessert to top it off. It was totally unexpected, but amazing!. We then spent some time at JaCC a small mall and then the Grand Indonesia Mall. I had a good quiet time at the grand in Starbucks and just talked with Amanda. It was nice to relax there for a couple of hours. We then went to La Piazza which is in the North where all of our friends are. We were outside and hanging out listening to live music and taking lots of fun photos. It was a very relaxing day and something that we all desperately needed!

Some fun pictures that we took tonight

day 7 in a row

It has been an interesting last couple of days…
Saturday we had love in action which is a seminar type of thing that we do. We teach for a couple of hours and then we take the students out into slum areas. We traveled quite a ways to get to the place and then we taught about why we go out and how to go out. I taught about the how, it went really well.

Then that evening we were invited to a friends house to eat dinner, swim in her pool, and watch a movie. We did this with another Perth team, it was good to see our friends.
Sunday morning I got to get up at 6am and head off to church early. We went to a small church with mo AC, of course, and they always seem to make sure it lasts 2 hours, at least. They sang at least 10 songs through out the service, none of them understood! Afterwards they handed us these drinks on plastic bags, usually a bad sign, plus, they were warm and a puke green color. We were told that it was a green bean drink. Yes, I tried it and no, I didn’t like it. It was a little thicker than I liked and a little sweet too. I didn’t finish it, but I did find a trash can for it, which might sound normal, but they don’t really believe in disposing of trash properly here, so it was a good find! We were them shoved into a car and asked to bless the pastors new house. To our suprise it was a house warming party and the whole church was invited to a small one bedroom apartment on the 21st floor. It ended up being another church service with no translation, we finally left about noon. I was able to go home and nap for a while, which was really nice. Later a couple of girls and I decided to go to the store, they wanted ice cream. We then got sent to the wrong store that was far from our house. When we got there we got a phone call that part of the team was locked out. A few phone calls later we were shopping for breakfast food for both teams that live at our house and our trip was 2 hours in stead of the planned 30 minutes. We made it home and headed to bed after talking to my parents.

This is the conference

This is the conference

Today were at a conference called “The Call” it’s a 12 hour prayer and worship time 9 am to 9 pm. I’m not sure if we’re staying the whole day, but it is all in Indo, in an outdoor stadium, with sweat rolling down my face and back I’m writing this on my phone.
Yep it’s all in Indo. Long day…