Military Day

That’s just the title, it isn’t a real day here. We got up early this morning and headed out at 6am. We were told that we were to help feed people. We arrived promptly at 7 am only to find out that it didn’t actually start until 8 am, that happens to us a lot. So we sat around and waited until 8. We actually didn’t feed anyone either, it was a free medical and dental thing put on by the military, we were there just to help people get to the right places, but since we don’t speak the language, it didn’t work out too well. I guess that wasn’t thought through very well. I was taking pictures, but there were only so many shots you could get of the same thing just different people getting looked at. So we ended up sitting in some shade and talking with a bunch of the army guys. They were really nice and they are all eager to practice their english with us. 

We were able to crash at a house for a while this afternoon and take a nap for a bit, we weren’t at our house so we didn’t have the chance to clean up too much, but it was still really nice. Then we got some dinner and headed for the water slum. 

It was another good evening there, the people are always so sweet and always offer us a place to sit. I feel bad for poor Nathan, all the older women hit on him and want to take pictures with him. He gets that and I always get asked if I’m married and when they find out that I’m not, they try to hook me up with some brother, cousin, nephew or friend. Always a joy! one of the guys handed Nate a guitar tonight so he played a couple of songs right before we left. It is always good to meet different people and make new friends like we did tonight. 

Tomorrow is beckoning me, so I must get some sleep. Keep up the good work where you are!


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