Garbage Slum

Here I am praying for this little girl in a new slum that we have never been to before. It is considered the garbage slum, and for good reason. On our way out the translator that I was with, Vinny, asked me to come back a pray for this little girl. She had a fever and wasn’t feeling very well. So we laid hands on her a prayed for her. I can’t tell you if there was an instant healing, I couldn’t feel the difference, but I’m hoping that she’ll be feeling better soon.

I was also able to pray for a husband a wife. She asked me to pray a blessing over them, of course I was more than willing. I was also able to share with her a little bit about how the living God wants what is best for her, and that He really wants to bless her. SHe told us of how she has been married 4 times now. She started at the age of 14 with a 3 month marriage. Not a very good start, but she said that her husband now takes really good

This is why it is called the garbage slum

This is why it is called the garbage slum

care of her and is really kind to her as well, and loves her a lot. Now that I’m writing about her I’m reminded of the woman at the well. I know this lady was thirsty, she wasn’t happy living where she does. I don’t think that many could be, maybe I’ll have the chance to go back to her and tell her about that woman at the well and the living water that J has for her. It was only a short amount of time that we got to spend in the slum, but maybe we’ll get to go back soon. 


This morning, sorry my day is out of order, we had a great time of worship with both the teams that live here together. We do most everything as separate teams, except the living together part! Today we all had worship together and it was a very powerful and moving time as a group. 

Tomorrow we’re going to a train station to feed homeless and put on an open air outreach where we can actually preach. Then we’re having a church service later with all of them again, I’m not really sure what it looks like, but it does sound long! We’re doing a drama and stuff though, finally! Something I’m more used to, keep us in your prayers!

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