Stay together and mind your wallets


Yes, she was doing her dishes on the tracks.

Yes, she was doing her dishes on the tracks.

Those were the instructions for this afternoon as we went to the train station to do an open air and share about J man. It ended up that we couldn’t share out in the public, so a few went into a small room and did a service and the rest of us wandered around and talked with people. These people live on either side of the tracks and just outside of an old station that is no longer in use. We did see one train engine come rolling into the station though, so I’m a bit confused as to how it all works… BUT, two people came to know Him today! It is amazing, it is just about daily that someone is leading a person to the Lord. Yesterday, one guy who has been a Christian for about 2 weeks lead someone in the prayer, it was so amazing. Talk about discipleship, we’re really trying to raise up the people here to do what we’re doing without us! 


After a lot of sweating and walking in the heat we went to a church service where I was able to share a testimony about how the youth are getting involved and being a part of seeing their city transformed. We did our drama there, since it was too small of a room at the train station, and the School of Worship leader, Chris, shared a message. We had a great altar time and we all prayed for some people. The pastor was so blessed by us being there. He was so grateful and was amazed that we would give up so much to spend time in J-city and at his church. I really do enjoy seeing the fruit of what we’re doing, but also knowing that there will be lots more after we leave as well!


I forgot to tell you that yesterday Didi let me drive his motorcycle! It was only in a small parking lot, but it was one of my goals before I left here. I then ended up giving everyone else rides around in circles and figure 8’s. I’m sure it was funny to watch, but it was so fun to drive! Maybe someday I’ll drive one on the road. Don’t worry mom, it won’t be here, traffic is too crazy!

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