August 8

I have had a couple of tiring days recently.

Yesterday and today both have been amazing, but also amazingly long!

Yesterday we went to tanah-merah Koramil THis is the place where I know the little Ibu Anas. She has cataracts and we’ve been able to pray for her a couple of times. Yesterday, she asked me to spend the night and we could stay up all night a just talk. It was so sweet, I really wish that we could do something like that. She is so sweet and we were able to share with her a little bit about j-man and what the difference is between what she believes and what we believe. It was an amazing time.

We also stopped and prayed for two sisters, that we both old, frail, and sick. It was sad, but I’m glad that we had the opportunity. On the way into the slum, there was a man in his 20’s probably, and he asked us to pray for him. He seemed to have cerebral palsy, but I’m not too sure. As we were getting ready to pray for him, Nathan looked him straight in the eyes and the guy started wigging out and giving reasons why we couldn’t pray. He said that he needed a shower and stood up really quickly and Didi, our translator, had his hand and held onto him so he wouldn’t leave so suddenly. He calmed down a bit, and I’m praying so much at this point. As he is standing in the street and lots of people have gathered and are laughing at him, we try to pray again, explaining to him that he didn’t need to do anything in order for us to pray for him. As we started praying once again, he freaked out and started “running” the best he could, down the street. It was quite sad, he needs some major deliverance, hopefully we’ll have the chance to meet Regil again The Evil was squirming at the sight of us, we still have a big job ahead of us and the weeks seem to be flying by so quickly.

Today, we headed back to the garbage slum and had 2 hours to go and talk with people and meet them. We got to pray for a few different people and talk with them. There was a whole group of about 6 men that were without work for a couple of months now. We were able to encourage them to help out in their community instead of just sitting around, maybe something will happen around there. There was also this lady that was 71 and so skinny, she had something wrong with her lungs and stomach. As we were praying the pain in her stomach was replaced with warmth, i think that it was the H.S. working in her. We plan on visiting her again. I’m excited to see what happens with her. I was given the verse while praying for her. “Sliver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee, in the name of J.C. rise up and walk.” I prayed it over her… God knows what he is going to do!

Then this evening, I came home and have been working on a video all evening and I’ll be doing the same until tomorrow afternoon as well. Be praying that I can finish it, the challenge is that it is all in Indonesian! It is hard and gives me a headache, but I’m sure it’ll turn out good!

Blessings on you!

2 thoughts on “August 8

  1. Hey you keep telling it just as he G. gives it to you and all will be blessed by your work and his power.

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