Karaoke, videos and more…?


This was a day that I spent at Starbucks, no joke! We had a video project for our ministry that we’re working with, and I had the joy of editing the video. The whole team broke into groups and came up with ideas for each section of the video. They shot all footage, and I had to piece all of it together. That isn’t the most enjoyable part of the whole experience, the whole video is in Indonesian! It was my first video in another language, it was hard to follow along, but God is good and it all came out terrific! Everyone loves it, it was shown 3 times today and hopefully church’s will now adopt slums, that’s what it was about.
Later that evening, just after I finished, the team all met and we went out to sushi and Karaoke for Amanda’s birthday. It was a lot of fun, so many of our translators came to karaoke and we rented a big room for like 3 hours. It is amazing how cheap it is here for everything. We all sang along and laughed a lot. It was great to do something relaxing and fun. It has been an intense week so something light was very needed.
Today we had the privilege of sleeping in a little bit and hanging out at home most of the day doing our one-on-one time with staff, working on our journals and having worship as a team. A few of us went to a church service this evening and we showed our video. The fun part was that the message was all in Indo, so we couldn’t understand anything. Good times! That’s pretty much what has been going on here lately… if you haven’t read the book “The Shack” you should! I’m actually listening to it on my ipod (lighter to get home) and it is a great book. I would recommend it to anyone.

One thought on “Karaoke, videos and more…?

  1. That would be so challenging! Glad that it came together well & Happy Birthday to Amanda – sounds like fun! 🙂

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