farewell to a friend


Ibu Anas with her grandchildren looking at the picture

Ibu Anas with her grandchildren looking at the picture

Today we headed out to Tanah merah Koramil and had some time with Ibu Anas again. She is the little old lady with cataracts. She is so sweet and good to talk with. We were able to ask her about heaven and why she believed that she would go there, and then share about why we knew that we would be in heaven some day with the assurance of it. Nothing big happened, but it felt more open today than it has in the past. We prayed for her once again and gave her a framed picture of us with her and a bunch of her family.  We tried to make it big so that she could see it. 

After we hung out with her for a while we had a small going away party for Kim in the slum. That’s where she wanted to have it! So some kids and afew adults gathered and we had some snacks and played some songs and games with the kids. Kim joined us for two months and is headed out on Sunday, so this is her last week. She isn’t apart of our school but wanted to serve here in J-city so she joined our team.

This evening I continued to learn my Guitelele, which is a small Ukulele sized guitar, I’m having a lot of fun and I’m getting callouses on the ends of my fingers. I think that I now have a higher respect for guitar players, it isn’t as easy as some people make it look, but I will get good at it! I’ve also been watching the movies Planet Earth, it is so amazing…
Yesterday I had a long day at Rawa Indah. I was there from 9-4:30, I guess that’s a normal day, but it is long to be out in the heat in a slum! We teach English there each week to kindergardeners and to some pre-school aged kids as well. Of course our translators were late so when they got there, they headed into the class rooms, only there were 3 classes and 2 translators, the other was still on his way. So I ended up teaching 23, 5 years olds for and hour without a translator. Good thing I have a small phrase book! I ended up showing the teacher what I wanted to teach next and we went for it together. We did Head and shoulders, knees and toes and also learned about the different greetings for the different times of the day. It was quite the experience and one that I hope to never live again! It wasn’t that bad, it’s just hard when there aren’t even any other team members there to help out. The second class of pre-school aged kids was scared of the white people again, so I tried to go in, but the crying started rather quickly, so I made my exit! 
We then went out into the Slum and visited Ibu Romlah and her daughter. We had met the older woman before and it was good to talk with her some more, we shared a little bit of the gospel with her and her daughter and were able to pray for her again. She has some chest problems and isn’t feeling too great. They brought out a red juice for us when we first got there. It’s tough because you pretty much have to drink it, it’s very rude not to, but we can easily get sick at the same time if they use tap water. We came to find out that it was strawberry fanta, but I’m still pretty sure that the ice wasn’t anything that we should have been drinking, but we’ve been protected so far!
God continues to teach me about how the body works as a unit and how each is very important. It is one of those things that is hard to remember in the midst of the battle that we’re in. We all want to be used in big ways and I’ve had my moments of wanting to see things happen that others are seeing, but I was reminded of spiritual gifts and how some are for some people and others are for others, but to still be expectant of what he wants to do through each of us. I’m still waiting to see a instant healing or to lead someone to him, but I do understand that this will be one of the toughest environments that I’ll ever be in for an outreach situation.
Anyways, that is what has been going on with me, I’ll try to be more consistent with my posting, I’ve just been battling headaches, so keep me in your prayers.

2 thoughts on “farewell to a friend

  1. Be encouraged – His timing is perfect and far beyond our grasp, you are being His vessel in ways that are unseen right now.

    Praying for your headaches and all the rest!

  2. Oh I’m so sorry they cried when you tried to go in the classroom! If that wasn’t so real for you it could be kind of funny 🙂

    Some truly amazing experiences you are having Natalie; and we are so proud of you for jumping in with both feet — and calloused hands!

    Love you so much!

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