sad news


We found out this morning at we woke up that our Landlord, Mr. Wong, passed away last night. He is a very sweet man that lives and works right here where we live. He own the repair shop that we live behind and his house is right in front of our. He always had a smile on his face and a kind wave to give. This was, of course, unexpected, keep his family in your prayers, thank goodness he knows the Lord, and he is with Him now!


We had a bit of a crazy day trying to get our visas renewed. We came with a 60 day visa knowing that we would have to renew them about now. So we headed up North and found the office only to find out that they wanted some paperwork that we didn’t have, but the office in the East wasn’t asking for those things so we headed back down East to try out that immigration office. Once we got there, 30 min later, we found out that the office closed in about 20 minutes and they would have time to process our paperwork. Now, we get to go in early on our day off to have them processed. On Wednesday they expire, so we have to get them done or go home… so we’ll go back on Tuesday!

Then a group of us headed to do this street kids ministry. We found out about an hour before we started that we had to share a message and entertain kids for and hour and a half. Once we got there, it was totally different than we expected. They weren’t street kids at all and there was only one group instead of two. It all worked out with a little bit of improv mixed in and a little bit of drama too! We had a fun time, there were only five of us so we ended up all piling into a taxi and riding like that for a total of an hour! That’s four people in the back seat with the driver, but we had fun and laughed a lot all the way home. It was just one of those days that don’t happen very often, but when that do you can just laugh and roll with the punches! Tomorrow will be another adventure!


This is one of the crazy motorcycle drivers with all of his goods attached, this is normal here!
This is one of the crazy motorcycle drivers with all of his goods attached, this is normal here!


I was trying out one of our friends helmets and goggles for his bike!

Trying out Roy's helmet and goggles, he is one of our translator friends.


This is Didi's get-up, complete with gas mask!

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  1. You ARE hard core.

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