day 7 in a row

It has been an interesting last couple of days…
Saturday we had love in action which is a seminar type of thing that we do. We teach for a couple of hours and then we take the students out into slum areas. We traveled quite a ways to get to the place and then we taught about why we go out and how to go out. I taught about the how, it went really well.

Then that evening we were invited to a friends house to eat dinner, swim in her pool, and watch a movie. We did this with another Perth team, it was good to see our friends.
Sunday morning I got to get up at 6am and head off to church early. We went to a small church with mo AC, of course, and they always seem to make sure it lasts 2 hours, at least. They sang at least 10 songs through out the service, none of them understood! Afterwards they handed us these drinks on plastic bags, usually a bad sign, plus, they were warm and a puke green color. We were told that it was a green bean drink. Yes, I tried it and no, I didn’t like it. It was a little thicker than I liked and a little sweet too. I didn’t finish it, but I did find a trash can for it, which might sound normal, but they don’t really believe in disposing of trash properly here, so it was a good find! We were them shoved into a car and asked to bless the pastors new house. To our suprise it was a house warming party and the whole church was invited to a small one bedroom apartment on the 21st floor. It ended up being another church service with no translation, we finally left about noon. I was able to go home and nap for a while, which was really nice. Later a couple of girls and I decided to go to the store, they wanted ice cream. We then got sent to the wrong store that was far from our house. When we got there we got a phone call that part of the team was locked out. A few phone calls later we were shopping for breakfast food for both teams that live at our house and our trip was 2 hours in stead of the planned 30 minutes. We made it home and headed to bed after talking to my parents.

This is the conference

This is the conference

Today were at a conference called “The Call” it’s a 12 hour prayer and worship time 9 am to 9 pm. I’m not sure if we’re staying the whole day, but it is all in Indo, in an outdoor stadium, with sweat rolling down my face and back I’m writing this on my phone.
Yep it’s all in Indo. Long day…

2 thoughts on “day 7 in a row

  1. Well at least your never bored! I’ve only ever had pop in a baggie – that’s doable, but thick green tea. . . I would probably have the same reaction. How’s your headaches?

  2. hi honey; grandma and grandpa are doing great. it stormed today…50mph winds and rain!!! and it’s only 55*F outside!! miss you; sorry it’s so patient enduring for you…all for Him!!! “I’m Letting Go….” praying for your visas to go through…

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