Day Off!

Today we finally had a day off! Usually we have Monday’s off, but we had “The Call” on Monday and then on tuesday we had to go apply for our visas. Tuesday ended up being pretty low key, which was nice. We got up and headed for the visa office around 8:30 and were back home by about 11:30. We had a little free time and some lunch. Then we had team time and did some preparation for the week. It was a nice time. After that we were invited over to Bene’s house, she is one of our coordinator’s, for dinner. She is leaving next week to go to school in Holland to finish her law degree, so we’ll be missing her. We had a good time of prayer and sharing over her in the evening at her dad’s house.


Today a few of us headed to the Central part of J-city to go to a mall. Petrina’s dad invited us out to lunch with them and he treated us to the Grand Hyatt, where I had Shrimp and roasted potatoes, with a salad and soup and a mango dessert to top it off. It was totally unexpected, but amazing!. We then spent some time at JaCC a small mall and then the Grand Indonesia Mall. I had a good quiet time at the grand in Starbucks and just talked with Amanda. It was nice to relax there for a couple of hours. We then went to La Piazza which is in the North where all of our friends are. We were outside and hanging out listening to live music and taking lots of fun photos. It was a very relaxing day and something that we all desperately needed!

Some fun pictures that we took tonight

One thought on “Day Off!

  1. So glad you got the visa issue taken care of! And your day off was needed for sure. . . we have a summer cold taking over here at the moment – uck.

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